Impact for Earned Media Searches

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Earned Media searches align with each area for which your company would like to understand the audience reached by third-party content across the web, plus attribute conversions to this Earned Media. Each search typically aligns with a category such as a campaign, product, brand name, industry, executive, or even competitor. It is up to your company to decide the types of Earned Media coverage you would like to track.

 To access Earned Impact data,  

  1. Click the Impact tab on the toolbar.
  2. Toggle to Earned Media. 

Earned Media Nav

Once you arrive on Earned Impact page, you will see a widget for each Earned Impact search. The Earned Impact Searches appear on the page in alphabetical order. Within each Earned Impact Search widget, you will find an overview of the data gathered by the search and the quantity of URLs that can be consumed by all Earned Impact searches. The number of Earned Impact Searches and quantity of URLs are variables determined by your contract with Cision. To adjust your Impact for Earned Media package and add more searches or URLs, please contact your please contact Cision Account Executive.

  1. Search Quantity: The number of Earned Media Searches that can be activated is determined by your contract. You do not have to activate all available searches at once. Each activated Earned Media search is made up of its own search terms and will be portrayed by a widget on this page. The search terms for each are completely configurable; they have been set up initially by the Impact at Ci and can be adjusted by our Cision Support team here . NOTE: Only activated searches will show on a widget panel.
  2. URL Quantity: As mentioned previously, the total number of URLs available is determined by your Cision Communications Cloud contract. Your contract will determine an equal allotment of URLs for each 30 day period of your contract. As Earned Media content is found via an Impact search, this content is allocated towards the 30 day limit per each individual URL (meaning if ten articles are found from one outlet, that counts as ten URLs). That article will drop off to free up more space after 30 days of gathering data. For example, if a large announcement was made on January 8th that brought in 200 URLs, these URLs will drop and make way for 200 more URLs beginning February 8th.

Earned Media Searches

Earned Media Search Statistics

 Additional information on this page include a few statistics at a glance for each Earned Media search.  

  1. Views: Total number of views across all URLs included in this Earned Media search. 
  2. Web Events: Total number of web events, or conversions to the company website, that instigated from any URL within this Earned Media search over the last 90 days. 
  3. Share of URLs: Of the total URL quantity purchased, percentage of URLs utilized by this search as opposed to another search. By default the first half of URLs are split evenly among the number of searches, and the second half of URLs are dynamically adjusted to whichever search is bringing in the most volume of URLs. 
  4. For a detailed breakdown of the Views and Web Events, click the View Full Report button.

Earned Media Search

Locating all Earned Media Searches

If you have purchased additional searches but they have not yet been set up, you will not see them on the Earned Impact page. Contact Cision Support here to check the status of search set up or to initiate a request for a new search ( if you have searches remaining as part of your contract).

Please note each Earned Media search is Data Group specific; for example, if your company purchased two Earned Media searches and you can only see one in the a particular Data Group, your company may have the second Earned Media search set up in another Data Group.  

Earned Media Data Groups

Reporting on Earned Media Searches

 To see the full report for any individual Earned Media search, click View Full Report button. Click here to learn more about individual Earned Media reports.

Earned Media View Report button

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