Viewing Earned Media Impact Data for a Search

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To begin analysing Cision Impact information for each Earned Media search, 

  1. Click the Impact Tab on the top toolbar. 
  2. Toggle to Earned Media, if necessary. 
  3. Locate the search for which you want to see data.
  4. Click the View Full Report button on the search panel. This action will open up the dashboard of Earned Media dashboard of charts.
  5. Use the Back to Impact Searches link to return to the full list of Earned Media searches.

View Earned Impact Data

Individual Impact Charts for Earned Media


  • Daily Views shows the total number of validated views across this entire Earned Media search by date. This allows you to understand how exposure to this topic across third-party content ebbs & flows over time. Note the Date Range toggle in the top right-hand corner allows you to visualise views across the last 90, 30, or 7 days.

TOpline Metrics


  • Top Outlets ranks top-level domains with the highest possible reach value from each Earned Media search. This list considers the number of URLs found in the search from each top-evel domain and then ranks these domains by unique visitors per month.  The Top Outlet list, in general, will give you a good idea of which publishers have contributed the most Earned Media buzz on this search, and may help in strategising future outreach.
  • Web Events analyse your Earned Media audience’s interaction with your corporate website. Whether an audience member clicks through a direct link or indirectly arrives at your website up to 90 days later, these metrics will prove traffic that initiated from this specific Earned Media search. Typically, these metrics align with website calls-to-action and up to 5 can be customised per client. Note Web Events must be implemented correctly to be displayed here. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Updated Top Outlets Web Events

Individual Demographics Charts

  • Gender Demographics: The gender chart will show a breakdown of the audience by gender (male, female). 
  • Age Demographics: The age chart will show a breakdown of the audience by gender (male, female). The age chart will describe the audience bracketed by decade for individuals 18+: 18-19, 20-29-, 30-39, 40-49-, 50-59, 65+).

Updated Gender Age

  • Life Stage Demographics: The life stage chart breaks down the audience by stage of life: Gen Y (1980-2000), Gen X (1966-1979), Jonesers (1954-1965), Baby Boomers (1946-1953), Silent Gen (1925-1945), Elders (1910-1924).
  • Marital Status: The marital status chart describes the audience by category: Married, Not Married, Single, Separated. 

Updated Life Stage Marital Status

  • Education Demographics: The education chart describes education range: Grad Degree, Ugrad Degree (Undergraduate), Some College, High School, and Other. 
  • Employment Status: Employment status contains users who are 1) employed, 2) homemaker, 3) job seeker, or 4) Retired..

Updated Education Net

Household Demographics

  • Household Size: Household size contains people who live in a household with the specified number of people present (1; 2; 3+).
  • Gender of Children: Gender of Children contains people who live in a household with children of the specified gender (Females; Males).

Updated Household Size

  • Age of Children:  Age of Children contains people who live in a household with children within the specified age ranges (0-2; 3-5; 6-10; 11-18).
  • Number of Children:  Number of Children contains people who live in a household with the specified number of children present (1, 2, 3+).

Updated Age of Children

  • Family Position:   Family Position contains people with the specified family position. (Female Head of Household; Male Head of Household).

UPdated Family Position

  • Income: The income chart will show a breakdown of the audience by bracket: $0-29K, $30-59K, $6-59K, $60-99:, $100-149K, $150-249, >$250K.
  • Wealth Decile: The wealth decile chart will show a breakdown of the audience from poorest to richest.

Updated WEalth

Firmographic Data Charts

  • Roles:  The role chart will describe the audience by role such as Board Member, Business Owner, C-Level Executive, President, VPs, Front-line Mngers.

Updated Firmographic Roles

  • Company AgeCompany Age contains people who work at companies with a specified age.
  • Company SizeThe Company Size chart will break down the audience by the number of employees for the company where the audience individual works. 

Updated Company Age Size

  • Sales Firmographics: The sales chart will describe the audience by revenue bracket for the company where this individual works. 

Firmographic Sales

  • Industry and Occupation Firmographics:  The industry chart will break down the audience by top area industry and occupation brackets such as Transportation & Logistics, Telecommunications, Science & Engineering, Education, Legal, and Business & Financial.
  • Past Technology Purchases Firmographics: This chart will describe the audience by their recent past technology purchases.

Updated Industry Purchases

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