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Connecting Social Media accounts in the Settings area of your Cision Communications Cloud have a variety of advantages within the system:

  • See recent Tweets of Media Contacts as well as their picture within their Cision Communications Cloud profile
  • Create social posts within the system that can be sent to a variety of Social Media channels at one time
  • Gain valuable insights about your Facebook page
  • Post a PR Web release to a connected Twitter account
  1. You can connect one Social Media account per channel for each data group within your Cision Communications Cloud. 
  2. If PR Web releases are part of your Cision Communications Cloud account, you can connect a specific Twitter account for posting your PR Web releases.

connecting multiple twitter accounts

Connecting Social Media Accounts:

To connect a Social Media account, click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar and select Settings.

Updated Settings

Select Social Media Accounts from the Settings menu if it is not already selected.

Settings social media

In the center of the page, you will see a list of the Social Media channels that you can connect to.

  1. Find the Social Media channel for which you would like to connect an account and click the chain link icon next to it. A chain link icon means no account is currently connected to that channel.
  2. If a trash can icon appears next to the Social Media icon, an account is already connected to that channel. Click here to learn how to change the connected Social Media account.

connecting social media

  1. Enter your username and password for the Social Media Channel. NOTE: Facebook and LinkedIn accounts MUST be company/organizational level accounts rather than an individual person’s account. Twitter and Pinterest do not have these restrictions. 
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. If your browser has saved a username and password for the account, you are connecting that meets the social channel requirements, and you will receive a message to Authenticate the account rather than a prompt for a username and password. 
  4. After connecting a social account, it can take some time for data from the connecting channel to begin flowing into the Cision Communications Cloud. While this delay is often short, in rare cases, it may take longer (up to several hours).


Connecting Social Accounts for PR Web Releases:

  1. Click the chain link icon to connect a Twitter account specifically for posting your PR Web releases with a custom post. A chain link icon means that there is no Twitter account currently connected.

  2. If a trash can icon appears next to the Twitter Connect Account icon, an account is already connected. Click here to learn how to change the connected Social Media account.

PRWeb Social Acct

Changing a Connected Social Media Account:

Click the trash can icon next to the channel to change to the Social Media account connected to any channel.

Connected Twitter

Click Delete to remove the currently connected Social Media account. Once the account is deleted, a chain link icon will appear by the channel, which enables you to connect to another account if you wish.

Delete Social Media Account

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