Analytics Chart Attributes & Customisations

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Each Analytics Chart has unique attributes you can choose to display and modify in various ways. There are two categories of attributes: those that change the appearance of the chart and those that change the data described by the chart.

Viewing and Changing Chart Attributes:

To view possible ways to customise a chart’s characteristics, click the Gear icon in the chart's upper right-hand corner.

A form will appear that will enable you to edit the chart in a variety of ways

1. Select the type of chart you want to use the describe the data.

2. Type in the name of the chart.

3. View and modify additional appearance options such.

4. View and modify advanced options that determine what data is shown in the chart.

5. Use the trash can icon to delete the chart from the dashboard.

6. Click Save to preserve any changes you have made on this form.

Understanding Chart Attributes:

The following grid describes the attributes that can be changed for each chart. 

1 = The option is available for the chart      0 = The option is not available for the chart



Advanced Options

ChartPackageActivity AnnotationsData LabelsMax # of SeriesSizeFrequencyCalculationFilter by GroupFilter by ToneUse custom date rangePivot ByFilter by Company Search
Company Impact – DonutStandard Analytics01110011100
Company Impact – Horizontal BarStandard Analytics01110011110
Company Impact – LineStandard Analytics11111111100
Company Mindshare – DonutStandard Analytics01110011100
Company Mindshare – Horizontal BarStandard Analytics01110011110
Company Mindshare – LineStandard Analytics11111111100
Company Mindshare – Stacked AreaStandard Analytics11111111100
Company Mindshare – Stacked BarStandard Analytics11111111100
Company Prominence – DonutStandard Analytics01110011100
Company Prominence – Horizontal BarStandard Analytics01110011110
Company Prominence – LineStandard Analytics11111111100
Coverage by Media Type – DonutStandard Analytics01110001101
Coverage by Media Type – Horizontal BarStandard Analytics01110001111
Coverage by Media Type – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Coverage by Media Type – Stacked AreaStandard Analytics11111101101
Coverage by Media Type – Stacked BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Custom Fields – Horizontal BarStandard Analytics01110001100
Custom Fields – LineStandard Analytics11111100100
DMA – DonutStandard Analytics01110001101
DMA – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
DMA – Stacked AreaStandard Analytics11111101101
DMA – Stacked BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Mentions by Location – MapStandard Analytics01010001101
Mentions by Location – TableStandard Analytics00010001101
Message Mentions – DonutAdvanced Analytics01110011100
Message Mentions – Horizontal BarAdvanced Analytics01110011110
Message Mentions – LineAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Message Mentions – Stacked AreaAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Message Mentions – Stacked BarAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Note – TextStandard Analytics00010000100
Product Mentions – DonutAdvanced Analytics01110011100
Product Mentions – Horizontal BarAdvanced Analytics01110011110
Product Mentions – LineAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Product Mentions – Stacked AreaAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Product Mentions – Stacked BarAdvanced Analytics11111111100
Prominent Terms – Word CloudStandard Analytics00010001101
Reach – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Sentiment – DonutStandard Analytics01110001101
Sentiment – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Sentiment – Stacked AreaStandard Analytics11111101101
Sentiment – Stacked BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Social Engagement – DonutSocial add-on01110001101
Social Engagement – LineSocial add-on11111101101
Social Engagement – Stacked AreaSocial add-on11111101101
Social Engagement – Stacked BarSocial add-on11111101101
Social Amplification – Horizontal BarSocial add-on01010001101
Social Mentions – DonutSocial add-on01110001101
Social Mentions – LineSocial add-on11111101101
Social Mentions – Stacked AreaSocial add-on11111101101
Social Mentions – Stacked BarSocial add-on11111101101
Tags – DonutStandard Analytics01110001101
Tags – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Tags – Stacked AreaStandard Analytics11111101101
Tags – Stacked BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Top Articles – TableStandard Analytics00010001101
Top Authors – TableStandard Analytics00010001101
Top Outlets – TableStandard Analytics00010001101
Total Mentions – BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Total Mentions – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Value of Coverage – BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Value of Coverage – LineStandard Analytics11111101101
Web Traffic – BarStandard Analytics11111101101
Web Traffic – LineStandard Analytics11111101101





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