Sharing an Email of an Account Level Analytics Dashboard

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022 at 8:41 PM

You can share the Account Level Analytics Dashboard via email. When you share the charts using this method, recipients can see charts of their choosing included as images in an email. As a result, recipients can view the charts without having access to the Cision Communications Cloud system.

To get started:

1. Click News
2. Click Analytics

The dashboard of charts that appears defaults to the last 30 days of coverage, but you can enter a custom date range if you choose. Just click either date to adjust the range.

The Analytics Dashboards with related options will appear. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the ability to:

1. Change the date range of the coverage you are analysing. By default, the date range defaults to the last 30 days. When analysing news on this page, the start date can go back to the beginning of your monitoring. IMPORTANT NOTE: This view includes all duplicates as well as Twitter re-tweets.  There is no way to exclude these from this view.  If you want to exclude them from your charts and graphs, follow these instructions to create your analytics.
2. View all Analytics Dashboards that have been created
3. Select the dashboard you prefer to use for reporting
4. Ability to Edit a Dashboard
5. Option to Create New Dashboards

Customising your Dashboard Before Sharing:

1. Select Email as the method you will use to share the analysis.
2. Create the Email by completing the form with a Sender Email Address, Subject Line, Recipient Email Address (clicking enter after each one), and any Body Text you wish to add.  You either enter email addresses individually or paste in multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
3. Select whether or not you want this email to be a repeating email alert.  If you do, turn on the toggle. Please be aware that this option is not well suited for sharing an account-level analysis unless the End Date is a future date.  If the End Date for the analysis has passed, subsequent emails will analyse the same selected coverage, and the charts will remain the same (see more below). This option is much better suited for Saved Searches.
4. Click Send to share the charts in the Analytics Dashboard via email.

Using the Repeating Email Alert Option:

1. If you choose to use the repeating email alert option discussed above,  the analysis and charts in subsequent emails will not change unless the End Date (below) is a date in the future.

2. If the End Date is a future date, the charts will show no value for future dates until they become present.

3. You will want to choose to end the Email Alert on the same day that the dashboard analysis ends.

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