Duplicating an Account Level Analytics Dashboard

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022 at 8:26 PM

Duplicating is a great option if there an existing Account Level Analytics dashboard that already contains many of the charts you may want to use. One use case for this is that you may have all of the charts needed for your reporting in the Default dashboard. However, the By Date charts in the default dashboard are set to show data points daily. If you have a need to also report monthly or quarterly, you may want to duplicate your default dashboard and then change the frequency of data point of the By Date charts to weekly or monthly. 

When duplicating a dashboard, you will first need to access the Account Level Analytics tab.

Access Account Level Analytics:

1. Click News
2. Click Analytics

The dashboard of charts that appears is the one that you last used in the system.

Click the New Dashboard button.

Once that button is selected, a popup will appear that will enable you to:

1. Enter the name of your new dashboard.
2. Turn the toggle on if you want to create your new dashboard as a duplicate of an existing one. Else, leave toggle turned off if you want to create a dashboard from scratch.
3. If you choose to duplicate a dashboard, select the dashboard you want to duplicate.
4. Click Create.

Creating a New Dashboard as a Duplicate:

If you have opted to create your new dashboard as a duplicate of an existing one, the new dashboard will automatically appear with its new name

 1. And all of the charts contained in the existing dashboard you chose to duplicate. At this point, you may have additional modifications you want to make such as adding/removing individual charts or changing the name or other related chart attributes. Clicking the gear icons.
2. Will enable you to make changes at the Dashboard, Section, and individual Chart levels. You can learn more about specific modifications that can be made to a Dashboard in the subsequent sections of this document or by Clicking here to learn about making modifications to Sections and Individual charts.

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