Interacting with Twitter Mentions

Modified on: Fri, 27 Jan, 2023 at 12:41 PM

You can interact with Tweets brought in as relevant coverage to your News tab if you have a Twitter account connected to your Cision Communications Cloud. To see what we monitor when it comes to Twitter, click here.  You can reply, retweet, mark as a favorite, and follow the Tweeter via their profile. Also, when a Tweet comes into the platform, you will be able to see important data such as the author’s Total Tweets, Followers, and Following

Interacting with a Tweet

  1. Click on a Tweet from the News results area which will display the profile of the Tweet automatically in the righthand panel
  2. The View Source button will open Twitter in a new browser window where you can view the Tweet and also follow, reply, reTweet, or favorite
  3. In the middle of the panel, you will see the text of the Tweet and any related imagery.
  4. Under the Tweet, you will see Social Statistics for how many reTweets and Likes the post has received. Within this area, you can also reTweet and Like the post.


Tweet Stats

Viewing  Author Data Associated with a Tweet

Below the Tweet and Social Statistics, you will see data about the author of the mention including total Tweets, Followers, and Following.

Tweet author stats

Connecting a Twitter Account

If you do not have a Twitter account connected to the Cision Communications Cloud, you will see a button at the bottom of the profile that can be used to connect one.

Connect to Twitter



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