Request Changes to Support Labeled Monitoring Keyword Searches

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023 at 4:42 AM

In anticipation of forthcoming news coverage due to email distribution, release, or other campaign initiatives, you should update the keyword searches that bring your news coverage to the Cision Communications Cloud.

If the monitoring keyword search has been created by Cision (support created search), you will use a built-in change request form to initiate changes. Once requested, the Cision support team will put the changes in place. The below documentation describes how to access and submit the change request form. If you have created the monitoring keyword search (a user-created search), you can change the keywords yourself.  Click here to learn how to make changes in user-created searches.

To determine whether the monitoring search is support created or user-created,

  • Click on the Person icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

  1. Select Keyword Searches from the Settings menu. Your monitoring Keyword Searches will appear in a panel to the right.
  2. Searches created by Cision Support or Implementation Teams will be labelled with the Support tag. For these types of searches, you will use the built-in change request form to make changes to your monitoring searche
  3. User-created searches will not be labelled. You have the option to open and change the terms in User-Created searches. Click here to learn how to make changes in user-created searches.

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  1. Click on a Support labelled keyword search.
  2. A read-only view of the monitoring search terms appears in the panel.
  3. Click the Request Changes link to access the built-in change request form.


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You can request changes to your monitoring terms by completing the presented form. Your name and email will be automatically added to the form.  All you will need to do is describe the changes you would like to make to your monitoring terms in the Message field. Once you click Send on the form,  a Cision Customer Support Team Member will receive the form and make the appropriate changes in your search.  They will reach out to you if they have questions or need additional information.

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