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The following metrics are available for clips on the platform:



This data can be located on the main 'Monitoring' tab. It is displayed here, for each clip:

What is an AVE?

Advertising Value Equivalent is a measure used to give an indication of the monetary value of media coverage.

AVEs are calculated by comparing what an advertisement would cost in the source itself i.e. the magazine, newspaper, website or broadcast channel.  

They are used by PRs to demonstrate reach and value of their coverage, track patterns and prove RoI (return on investment) from campaigns etc.

How is AVE calculated?

For print AVE we calculate use the Advertising rates & page dimensions of the publication (in square cm). We divide the page rates by the area to generate an AVE rate per sq cm 

For online coverage, AVE figures for websites are calculated in a slightly different way, as the circulation/monthly unique user figure is included.  The Monthly Unique User figure is divided by 1000, then multiplied by 25 (CPM Ad Rate:  cost per thousand (mille), the advertising cost you pay to reach a 1000 unique users), then this figure is divided by 16 (reflecting average time articles display on the home page) to produce the AVE figure.

AVE calculations for broadcast also use audience figures, but this is worked out slightly different to web AVE. We divide the daily audience figure by 1000 then multiply this figure by 5, then multiply again by 1, 2 or 3 (the average clip length in minutes) to produce the AVE figure


Differences in print, online and broadcast?

The main difference in print, online and broadcast is that print AVEs are dynamic (varies according to the size of the piece), whereas the online and broadcast figure is static (the value doesn't alter according to the length of the piece). 

Quick Tip: Once you click into the clip, there are extra metrics also included in the header of the clip. 

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