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You can gain valuable insights about your Facebook page through the Cision Communications Cloud if you have a connected Facebook account. The insights gathered in this section reflect the last 28 days of Facebook posts. The data we receive is the same in your Facebook account but allows easy access to that social data in your Cision Communications Cloud platform. Click here to learn how to connect Facebook and other Social Media accounts to your system. 

To see the Facebook Insight charts page:

1. Click the Insights
2. Click Facebook

Insight charts that appear on the page include:

1. My Facebook Page Views:  Number of times your page was viewed on a given day
2. Referral Sources:   Sources outside of Facebook sending you the most visitors
3. My Facebook Page Likes:  Total number of ‘Likes’ for your page
4. Followers-Age:  Age breakdown of users who ‘Like’ your page
5. Followers-Gender:  Gender breakdown of users who ‘Like’ your page
6. My Facebook Posts-Reach:  Number of times people see your posts in their news feed
7. Engagement:  Types of posts that are generating the most engagement
8. Additional Stories Generated:  Number of times people have shared one of your stories with their friends in a given day
9. Storyteller Demographics:  The gender breakdown of the people sharing your story with their friends

Selecting a Custom Insights View:

You can change the view of charts that you see on the Insights dashboard.

To change the view,

1. Click on the upside-down triangle next to All Facebook Insights Data
2. Select the section of the dashboard charts that you wish to view.
3. If you have selected a view other than All Facebook Insights Data, the charts that can be included in a report when you click the Download button will be limited to those in the view.

Downloading Individual Charts:

You have the option to download individual Insights charts as either images or data (spreadsheet file). 

To download an individual chart,

1. Hover over the bottom of the chart clicking on the upside-down triangle from the download button that appears.
2. Click the image option to download the chart as a jpeg file.
3. Click on the data option to download the chart data in a spreadsheet.

Creating a Facebook Insights Report:

You can create a report that includes any combination of Facebook Insight charts.  If you have selected a particular dashboard view, your reporting options will be limited to the charts in the selected view. However, if you are viewing All Facebook Insights Data, you can include any or all charts from the dashboard in the report. 

Click the Download button in the upper left-hand corner of the page

Complete the form that is presented to create the Report

1. Select either PDF or DOC file format
2. Give the report a title (required).
3. Enter a subtitle (if preferred).
4. Check the boxes for charts you want to include in the report
5. Click the Download button

Example Facebook Insights Report Pages:

The below pages are from an example Facebook Insights Report.

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