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The platform provides a Publicity Value calculator for print publications and for online outlets. If the Publicity Value feature is turned on in your system, you will see the Publicity Value heading and related dollar amount in the article’s profile. If Publicity Value is not turned on in your system, you will not see the Publicity Value heading in the article profile at all. To have Publicity Value turned on in your system, contact your Account Representative.

Specifically, Publicity Value is a scoring system that creates an approximate value for a news article. It allows creation of a metric/benchmark to compare one article to another based on outlet information. There are two mediums that Cision calculates, Print and Online. For Print, the calculation is figured for outlets with a listed circulation value based on the word count and length of an article. For Online, calculation is figured using the unique views, tier level of online site and an approximate view rate.

There is some flexibility in adjusting how the ad value is calculated. If you would like to adjust your Publicity Value calculation, contact our Support team, please submit a ticket via the Helpdesk.

If a print outlet does not have a Publicity Value rate, the system will look at other publications of the same type and circulation in the area and gives it an average ad rate.

Publicity Value Calculation Details


FULL – The full calculation type will give a publicity value for the whole article without regard to the number of times a search term is mentioned in the article multiplied by the tier level multiplier.

– The partial calculation type will give a value based on the number of times the term is mentioned in a magazine or news article based on the words surrounding, mention per page or the columns per inch and the tier level multiplier. Example: in a 250 word article a term is mentioned 3 times will produce (3 X 20 words) / 250 words X 1.5



The above is an example of a newspaper publication using a columns-per-inch ad determination factor. For a partial calculation, the ad value rate is calculated by multiplying the number of mentions in an article times the mention factor by the tier level. Therefore, a term that is mentioned 3 times with a mention factor of 20 words in an article with an average of 20 words per inch on tier one (2.5) would be (3 X 20)/20 X $1454.88 X 2.5 = $10,911.60 (approximate value)


In this example, the ad value calculation is determined by the full-page cost for an advertisement in an issue times tier times ad value. The number of times a term is mentioned in the article is of no consequence. Therefore, for a ¼ page article where a term is mentioned 1 or 100+ times in a Tier 3 outlet (1.5), the calculation would be (62.5/250) X $28,015 X 1.5 = $10505.63 (approximate value)

If we had been calculating the publicity value using a partial calculation factor the determination would have been based on 250 words per page, but in this example we did not need to figure the number of mentions, so calculation was just based on the page length of the article.

Other Information:

A tier is the importance of an outlet. Tiers are determined by Cision.

Mention Factor is the number of words surrounding a term.

Although these can be changed, the standard calculation is:

  • 250 words per page for Magazines
  • 20 word per inch for news articles



Online ads are generally purchased based on the CPM (Cost Per Thousand). A client would purchase an ad (pop up) for a period of time until they garner a certain number of views. At that point the ad will be removed from the site. In our calculation, a news clip is considered equivalent to a pop up ad.


(Unique Views/1000) * ViewRate * CPM

Unique Views: Unique Views is determined by Cision. Outlets without a circulation/unique views will not have an publicity value calculated.

View Rate: The View Rate is defaulted to .023. This is an industry standard factor that an online ad makes an impression on 2.3% of the people that visit the site. View rate factor can be modified by user.

CPM (cost per thousand): CPM in the calculation is determined by the Tier level of the publication.

Tier level factor can be modified by user.

Publicity Value for online does not take into account the number of words or the number of times a keyword is mentioned in article. Each news clips from a particular outlet will have the same Ad Value. The calculation does not take any article-specific information into account.

If the Publicity Value Currency Symbol on the Company specifies $, only US and Canada records are processed. If £ is specified, then UK and Ireland records are processed. Otherwise, only user-entered data is supported. Euro currency is not supported.

Below is an example of where Publicity Value will show within the clip profile.

Additional Notes:

  1. Publicity Value is not automatically turned on for new clients, but can be requested through our Customer Care team at no additional cost.
  2. Clips will be calculated only once.  Once the news clip has a Publicity Value calculation date stamped it will not be looked at again.
  3. If you wish to change your type of calculation, such as from Full to a Partial Calculation, please please submit a ticket via the Helpdesk for assistance prior to proceeding.
  4. If you have Data Groups set up in your system, the Publicity Value calculator will need to be enabled separately for each Data Group and can have unique settings for each Data Group as well.

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