Analytics Reporting (PDF/DOC) from Saved Search News Results Overview

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You can create a Report with Analytic Charts for a specific coverage from a  My Coverage Saved Search. Analytic Charts provide you with a way to visually represent coverage.

To create an Executive Report using Saved Search results,

1. Click News Influencer Toolbar
2. Click Search

Click the Saved Search within the My Coverage Searches panel containing the coverage you would like to report.

My Coverage Saved Search Results

Applying Filters:

Apply any additional filters if you want to narrow the coverage included in the report. For example, if your purpose is to create an end-of-month report for mentions excluding Social Mentions, you can change the Date Range and Origin of coverage using filters.

To apply filters,

1. Click on the name of the Filter with which you want to work. clear-all-filters
2. Select your desired choices by checking them. A link will appear, letting you know how many filters you selected.  You can repeat steps 1 and 2 to apply additional filters.
3. You can remove the filter choices applied by clicking the ‘Clear filters’ link in the dialogue box.

Selecting Coverage to Include in the Report:

1. Click the checkbox for the news items you want to include in the report. Or, use the top checkbox above the results to select all news items. Selecting news items makes the Options Toolbar available for use. clear-all-filters
2. Select Analysis in the right-hand corner.

The Default Analytics Dashboard of charts will describe your Custom Coverage. 

Dashboard Example

The Analytics Dashboards with related options will appear. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the ability to:

1. View all Analytics Dashboards that have been created Analytics Dashboard Choices
2. Select the dashboard you prefer to use for reporting
3. Ability to Edit a Dashboard
4. Option to Create New Dashboards

Charts in the Default Dashboard:

Click here for a description of all of the charts available. 

Customising your Dashboard:

Click here for information on how to add or remove charts from your view.

Creating an Analytics Report:

Click the download button to create a report with the charts contained in the dashboard.

Download wo pic

You will be guided through the steps of creating an Analytics Report:

1. Choose the file format you will use to generate the report. Create Analytics Report
2. Enter a Title for the report. (Required)
3. Enter a SubTitle for the Report if you prefer.
4. Customise your report by selecting the orientation that your report should have. You also have the option to include a cover page. If you add a cover page, you can include summary metrics  (total mentions, total reach, total publicity value) on the cover page and/or upload a logo. NOTE: The option to include a cover page is on by default but can be deselected.
5. Uncheck any charts you do not want to include in the Analysis Download.
6. Click Download to create the report.

Example Analytics Report:

The Analytics Report will automatically download. Below are a few example pages from an Analytics Download.


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