Google and Adobe Analytics Charts

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Google and Adobe Analytics can be integrated into the Cision Communication Cloud Analytics area to visually show referral traffic.  The most important is connecting the appropriate Google Analytics account and choosing the correct view from the drop-down. Click here to learn more about connecting a Google Analytics account to your Cision system.

Google and Adobe Analytics Connection

Google and Adobe Analytics data will generate on each clip that drove traffic to the website you have connected. Click here to learn more about what information will generate in each clip.


You also can view the Count of Referrals that the news in your system generates to your website visually. To create a chart of this data, you can run any news search in our system that you would like. Click here to learn more about searching for news.  Once you have the results in your view, select the Analysis button from the upper right-hand portion of your screen.


This will take you to an analysis of the coverage you searched for. The Web Traffic chart does not show up on the default analysis view (dashboard) automatically.  You can easily add the Web Traffic chart to any analysis dashboard you want by following the directions below.

Steps to Add the Web Traffic Chart:

1. Select the dashboard to which you want to add the chart from the upper right-hand corner. To do this,  select the upside-down triangle next to the dashboard name. Then, select the dashboard to which you want to add the Web Traffic chart.

select dashboard
2. To add a new section for the Web Traffic chart, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard. Click the Add Section button.  Next, select the Empty Section option from the menu presented. If you prefer to add the Web Traffic chart to an existing section, you can skip this step and move to step three. Add-section1
3. Click the Add Chart button in the new or existing section heading. Web Traffic section

4. You will be presented with a list of all the data charts that can be added.  You can either type “Web Traffic” in the Search box at the top or scroll down to the bottom, where you will find the Web Traffic chart in the Other section. Click on the Web Traffic chart in the data column.

Web Traffic1
5. When you select the Web Traffic chart, you will be presented with options that enable you to change the appearance and other attributes of the chart.  The Type option will enable you to select the chart used to describe the data. The Name field will allow you to type in a title for the chart. Under the Basic Options section, you can select whether you want the chart to describe referrals tracked via Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. If you are using both Google and Adobe Analytics, you will want to add the Web Traffic chart twice to your dashboard, making a different source selection each time. You can customise various additional attributes in the Appearance and Advanced Options area, such as setting the frequency with which the chart reports data. Be sure to use the Save button to save your preferences. Web Traffic Attributes
6. Once your Web Traffic chart or charts have been added to your dashboard,  they will showcase the following data. 2018-03-09_17-35-09

If you want to see which articles drove the traffic on that date, click on the date you would like it, and will show you all of the articles that contributed to that traffic. NOTE: Your Web Traffic Chart may include dates beyond that for which you display coverage in your Analytics dashboard. This is because the chart will show you all traffic generated from articles published during the date range specified in the coverage search and filtering.

For example, if you got the following when you clicked on a spike in the chart, it would indicate that these 7 articles drove traffic to your website on that date.


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