Sharing an Email Summary of Selected News

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Sharing news will give you a summary of details about each article in an email format. You can choose which details about each article you would like to include in the email and specify the order of the news items. 

For Canadian Cision accounts that may include CEDROM news articles or clips when you download and/or email a summary with CEDROM print/online content, we will record the number of CEDROM articles included in the clipbook to comply with CEDROM requirements.

Sharing News from a Saved Search:

To begin, click the My Coverage tab from the News section of the toolbar.

My coverage tab

Click on a Saved Search from within the My Coverage Searches panel to create an email summary.

share from saved search

Sharing News from Search Results:

To search for subsets of news coverage already captured by your Cision system, follow these steps:

My coverage tab

Browse the fields of categories that you can use to conduct a search by selecting the downward arrow in the Keyword field. Any combination of these fields may be used to conduct a search.

1. Select the first category field you want to use to search and enter the criteria in the corresponding box. Add News Search Fields
2. If more category fields are desired, click the plus sign and repeat the process of selecting the field and entering the corresponding criteria.
3. Click Search.

The search will return articles already in your system that match the entered criteria. 

Applying Filters:

Apply any additional filters if you want to narrow the coverage included in the email summary.

To apply filters,

1. Click on the name of the Filter with which you want to work. apply filters2
2. Select your desired choices by checking them. A link will appear, letting you know how many filters you selected.  You can repeat steps 1 and 2 to apply additional filters.
3. You can remove the filter choices applied to any category by clicking the ‘Clear filters’ link in the dialog box.
4. You can remove all the filters applied by clicking ‘Clear All Filters.'

Creating the Shared Email:

1. Click the checkbox for news items that should be included in the summary. To select articles individually, click the checkbox for only those news items you want to include in the summary. Or, select all of the articles in a result set by clicking the checkbox at the top of the result set.  Once you have selected news coverage to include in the summary, the Options toolbar becomes active. Share Coverage
2. Select the Share button on the Options toolbar.
3. Select the Forward Option. Note that you may include up to 1000 articles in your Shared Email Summary. If more than 1000 articles result from your search, you will need to deselect a few articles.

If you want to change any of the headlines or the text snippet in your report,  click here to learn how.

Select the template that you would like to use to structure the email.  You can choose to:

1. Use a Cision template. new news template
2. Customise one of the Cision templates.
3. Engage our Custom Services team to create a template for you.

4. Type in the subject line of the email.

5. Add any additional content that you may want to appear in the body of the email.

6. The sender name and email address is populated based on your user profile. However, you can change the information if you prefer.

7. Type in email addresses that should receive this alert, or you may paste in the email addresses separated by a comma.

8. Select how you would like to group the mentions. Mentions can be grouped by Medium, Company Category, Keyword, or Tag.  Medium will put all the print items, online items, etc.  The company will group the news items via your Company Analytics Profile. The keyword will sort the clips based on the keyword search that brought the clip in as relevant coverage. The tag will sort the clips based on manually added tags.

9. Click Submit to send the email.

Forward Details


Within the shared email summary,  the headline for social and online news items will be a link that you can use to open the mention on its site.  Example clipbook

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