Exporting News Data to an Excel File Report

Modified on: Fri, 18 Nov, 2022 at 10:12 PM

After gathering a result set of coverage by Searching or browsing your My Coverage page, you can export the clip details to a .CSV (Comma Separated File) that can be opened in Excel or another application for spreadsheets. 

Applying Filters:

You can apply additional filters if you want to narrow the coverage included in the Export report.

To apply filters,

1. Click on the name of the Filter with which you want to work. apply filters
2. Select your desired choices by checking them. A link will appear, letting you know how many filters you selected.  You can repeat steps 1 and 2 to apply additional filters.
3. You can remove the filter choices applied to any category by clicking the ‘Clear filters’ link in the dialog box.
You can remove any filters applied overall by selecting ‘Clear All Filters

Selecting Coverage to Include in the Excel Report:

To get started, you must specify what coverage to include in your report. You can include all of the articles or just selected ones. 

1. To include all the articles in the report, click on the checkbox by the number of results returned. To select articles individually, click the checkbox by only those articles that you want to include in the report. Export
2. Select the Download button from the Options toolbar.
3. Select Export Clips from the drop-down menu.

Formatting the Excel Report:

You can use the Export menu that appears to determine what fields of information you would like to include in the export. Un-check any fields you would like to exclude from the report.

1. Drag and drop the fields to reorder them according to your preference News Export Choice Fields
2. You can uncheck all of the fields using the Deselect All option at the bottom of the menu and then re-check those fields of information that you want to include in the export
3. Slide the toggle to save your choice of fields as a template  (optional)
4. Type in the name of the  template News Export Template1
5. Click Save
6. Click the Export button

The export will automatically download.

export Download

Example Excel Report:

When you open the file in Excel, you will notice that the columns are very narrow.

To change or expand the column width, click the first cell in the upper left-hand corner (before the row numbers and column letters begin)

Select All Cells

Now, find the Format menu within Excel. Click on AutoFit column width.

Autofit Column Width1

The column width will be adjusted so that you can easily read the contents of your export.

Result Auto fit column width

Company Analytics in the Export:

Company-level analytics are included in your Cision Communications Cloud setup. You will find any company categories mentioned in the article in the Export Report.

Company Mentions

Advanced Analytics in the Export:

If you have added an Advanced Analytics package, the Prominence Score, Impact Score, and Tone for each of your Company, Product, or Message mentions will be included in separate columns.

Export Prominence Impact Tone

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