Creating and Submitting PRWeb Distributions

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You can send press online releases through the PRWeb service in the Cision Communications Cloud. Below is the step-by-step process on how to create the release. 

**PRWeb offers several resources for you to view before creating your release. To view them click here. Be sure to abide by all PRWeb Editorial Guidelines when submitting content.**

1. Click on Campaigns

my activties

2. Click on My Activities

1. Find the Online Press Release panel


2. Click the Create New Button

A series of forms will appear that guide you through creating your release.  The steps included in the PRWeb creation and submission process appear at the bottom of each page. These steps include Distribution Settings, Release Composition, Social Amplification, Targeting Options, Release Scheduling, and the Summary, which includes the final Submission.

PRWeb series

Distribute Settings:

1. On the Distribute Settings page, you will be able to see how many subscriptions you have remaining and their expiration dates.

Distribute settings

2. Also, on this page, you will need to give your Distribution a name for future reference.  This name is internal; it will not display on the release.  However, we recommend that the internal name be specific to the subject matter of your release rather than the default date and time. Giving the release a unique name will enable you to find it easily on the Activities page panel.

3. When ready, click Next from the bottom right.

4. Also note, from this point forward, you have the option in the top right to Preview the release, Save For Later, or Exit. Saving for later will put your release in a draft and allow you to return to it later.  It will be available from the My Activities page.

Compose the PRWeb Release Content:

Within the Compose step, you will be creating all of the content of your release.

1. Start by giving your release a Headline. While the character length for the Headline is 170 characters, we recommend 55-75 characters for Search Engine Optimisation. When the release is posted on PR Web’s site, this headline will be incorporated into the URL to the release’s page. The upper right-hand corner of this field will indicate how many characters are contained in your headline.

PRWeb-Updated Composition1-1

2. Add a Summary. While there is no character limit for the Summary, we recommend 1-2 sentences.

3. Fill in the City and State from which your news originates.

4. Add a link to your organisation’s website. When readers click the Visit Website button on the release, they will be guided to your site through the link you include.

5. Paste or type in the body of your release.  Click “Formatting guidelines” for tips on how to add hyperlinks and bullet-ed information to your release. If you use links, we recommend 1 per every 100 words.

6. A quote makes the release more eye-catching and draws attention to a point you want to emphasise

7. Upload an image to include in your release.  Each image can be up to 3 MB.  Subsequent images (if your subscription allows for them) added to your release will appear under the Visit Website button to the right of the Pull Quote.

8. Notice that if you upload an image, you can use the Pencil icon to edit the image (such as to resize it) or the trash can icon to delete the image and replace it with another one.

9. Upload attachments if you prefer. Attachments should be files that either reiterate your release contents or provide additional information.

10. The Video URL field will enable you to include a link to a video related to your release. YouTube videos can be added by pasting the embed code or URL link to the video. Vimeo video can be added only by pasting the embed code.

11. Provide Media Contact Information in the fields provided. This information will appear on the release and should be for someone who can respond to additional questions and inquiries.

12. Turn the Additional Media Contacts toggle to “On” if you need to add more than one Media Contact. Once you turn this toggle on, you will be provided fields to enter contact information.

13. You can display links to your organisation’s social profiles. If you have not yet connected social channels, click the chain link icons to do so.

Amplify on Twitter:

In this step, you will see the ability to post your release to a Twitter account.  If you use this option, the release and the related message you compose in this section will be posted to your Twitter account when the release goes out for distribution.

  • Click the Connect button to authenticate the Twitter account on which you want to post the release. NOTE: The Twitter account you connect to post your PR Web releases is separate from the account you use with the rest of your Cision Communications Cloud. You can connect the same Twitter account for both purposes if you wish. Otherwise, they can be different accounts.  Click here to learn more about connecting social accounts to the Cision Communications Cloud.
  • Compose a message that will accompany the release when it is posted to the connected Twitter account.


Some PRWeb subscriptions will have additional options as part of the Amplify step, enabling you to select the Journalist list to gain earned media pick-up and/or post your release on Cision industry-curated Twitter feeds. If you have these options available, click on these options and take advantage of this additional targeting.

additional amplify

Distribution Options:

Distribution options determine in what categories your release appears on the News Center. Click here to see the News Center with industry and regional categories. 

To place your release in specific categories, select at least one city from which the news originates and one topic to be associated with the release.

You may also select up to 3 Regional/Industry Digests if this option is included in your package.  

Distribution Ooptions


The Schedule page will enable you to select the date and time that the release should go out.  You must designate a time of 4 or more hours in the future. This is because PRWeb releases must be reviewed by editorial staff before release. We recommend an early morning time to ensure maximum opportunity for a pickup.


Once you have scheduled the release, enter contact information for the person the PRWeb editorial staff should contact if there is a problem or question regarding your release content.

contact Info


Use the Summary page to look over your release content and settings. An Edit option is available for each section of settings that you can use to make changes. You can also associate the release with a Campaign on this page if you like.  When everything is final, click Submit from the bottom right.  If you’ve scheduled your release for a future time and date, it will remain pending in the system until its’ scheduled time arrives.  You can cancel a release in a pending state from the My Activities page.


Editing a Release After Distribution:

After your release has been sent and distributed through PR Web’s network, you can edit the version of the release that appears in this section on the PR Web website: You may edit this version of the release as often as you like during the first 30 days following the original release's date.  After those 30 days, you will no longer be able to edit this release version. To edit a distributed release:

1. To make an Edit to a PRWeb release from the My Activities page,

Edit Pr Web Release

2. Click on the name of the sent release that you would like to Edit.

3. Select the Edit release option.

4. Click here to read more about how to edit the release.

Accessing and Viewing the Release Visibility Report:

After a release is sent, you can view statistics related to it by clicking the internal name of the release and selecting View Report from the drop-down. Per your PRWeb package, this report may arrive via email.

To begin accessing the report,

1. Click on the arrow next to the PRWeb release's title.

Access PR Web Report

2. Select the View Report option.

3. Click here to learn more about the contents of this report.

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