My Activities Overview

Modified on: Fri, 2 Dec, 2022 at 9:27 PM

The My Activities section houses all of your communications with the media from Emails, Social Posts and PR Web releases generated within the Cision Communications Cloud to logs of interactions that have occurred outside of the platform.

To access this section:

1. Click on Campaigns

2. Click on My Activities

When you visit the My Activities page you will be presented with several panels designed to help you efficiently and effectively manage your interactions with media contacts and outlets. 

1. Use the top panel to create a new interaction. Locate the desired interaction and then click the Create New button to get started.

2. Use the Filters panel to narrow the interactions that you see at the bottom of the page.  You can filter by Date, Activity Type, Status, Owner, Tags (Applied to Activity), Outlet (Associated with Activity). 
NOTES: Any filters that are applied in this area will reflect in your Export. The ‘Failed’ filter choice under Status will include emails in which the send failed.  While this is extremely rare, this filter will enable you to clearly identify emails that have not sent properly.

3. All interactions will show in this panel by default unless you apply filters. Many of the columns in this panel contain links that can be used to learn more about the Campaign, Media Contact,  or Media Outlet associated with the Activity or Interaction. By default, 5,000 Activities will show in this panel at a time.  If you need to see more than 5,000 Activities at a time in the panel, please contact Customer Care here.

4. The checkbox column enables you to select which Activities, Distributions, or Interactions you would like to report on or add to campaigns.

5. The Export Button will enable you to create an Excel file report for all interactions that appear in the panel below.

6. The Add to Campaigns button will enable you to add  Activities, Distributions, or Interactions to Campaigns.

7. The keyword search field can be used to find an interaction with the media by name. To use the keyword search, enter a word, phrase enclosed in quotations, or a combination of words and phrases connected using simple Boolean Terms. Boolean Terms accepted by this field are OR, AND, and AND NOT all of which must be capitalized when used. 

NOTE: The keyword search looks through the Title and Notes fields of logged interactions.

8. Use the Gear icon to customize the view selecting which columns of data you want to see and determine the columns order.

9. The Calendar View will show you all past and scheduled Activities, Distributions, or Interactions in a calendar view.

There are five possible types of interactions to choose from depending on how your Cision Communications Cloud is configured. Click on the links below to learn more about each interaction.

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