Using BCC Email Functionality

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By using a special email address in the BCC field of an email, a user can create a log of messages sent to media contacts without having to manually create Activities in the Cision system. This is especially helpful for users who prefer to send messages to journalists using their own e-mail software such as Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.  

Requesting a Cision BCC Email Address:

You can request that a BCC email address be created by Cision Customer Care for use with your account. Please create a ticket here.

When you receive your BCC email address it will have the extension (Typically, the e-mail address will contain some variation of your company name.) If you are unsure of your organisation’s BCC email address, contact Support.

Using a Cision BCC Email Address:

Begin by creating a new message in the email software of your choice. Prepare the email as you normally would by entering an address in the “To” field, a subject and a message body. In the “BCC” field, enter the special email address given to you by Cision. When the message is complete, send the email.

Viewing a BCC Email in Cision:

An email sent using your Cision BCC email address will automatically be converted into an Activity in the system. The BCC email activity can be view either from the My Activities page or from the Media Contact or Outlet’s profile to whom it was sent.

Viewing BCC Emails on the My Activities Page

To access the My Activities page,

1. Click on Campaigns
2. Click on My Activities

When you visit the My Activities page you will be presented with several panels designed to help you efficiently and effectively manage your interactions with media contacts and outlets. 

All Activities such as BCC emails, email distributions, social posts, and user-created activities will be presented in a grid view at the bottom of the My Activities page.

1. You can find a BCC email in several ways, one of which is the keyword search field. To use the keyword search, enter a word, phrase enclosed in quotations, or a combination of words and phrases connected using simple Boolean Terms. Boolean Terms accepted by this field are OR, AND, and AND NOT all of which must be capitalised when used.
NOTE: The keyword search looks through the Title and Notes fields of logged interactions.
2. Another option for finding a particular BCC email is to use the Title column in the centre of the My Activities page to find the email.
3.If you have trouble locating the distribution, you can also use the Filters on the left side panel to sort Activities by Type of BCC.

To view the contents of the BCC email:

1. Click the upside-down triangle beside the Title (Subject line of the BCC email).
2. Select the View Details option.
3. A new window will open with the details of your BCC email.

To delete the record of the BCC email within the Cision Communications Cloud:

1. Click the upside-down triangle beside the Title (Subject line of the BCC email).
2. Select the Delete option.

Viewing BCC Email on Media Contact or Media Outlet Profile Records:

If the recipient’s email address is in the Cision database, Cision will match the email address to the related Media Contact and/or Media Outlet record. If the sender of the email is a Cision user, it will also match the address in the “From” field to the Cision user’s e-mail address. This will identify who created the Activity.

To see the BCC email on the Media Contact or Outlet to whom you sent it,

1.. Click on Influencers

2. Click on Search
1. Select to Search Media Contacts or Outlets based on to whom you sent the BCC email.
2. Use the Contact Name or Outlet Name field to type in the name of the Media Contact or Outlet to whom you sent the BCC email.
3. Select the appropriate Media Contact or Outlet match.
4. Click Search.
1. When the Media Contact or Outlet record appears, locate the History panel.
2. There, you will find record of the BCC email sent to the Media Contact or Outlet.

NOTE: If the recipient’s e-mail address is not present in a Media Contact/Outlet/Individual/Organisation record, or if it is associated with more than one Media Contact/Outlet/Individual/Organisation record, the e-mail still becomes an Activity in your system. However, it will be an orphan record which means it is not linked to a Media Contact/Outlet/Individual/Organisation.  The same is true if the sender’s email is not associated with a User Record. The Activity can be edited and linked appropriately.

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