Email Analytics and Reporting

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Once you have successfully sent HTML Email, you can access a summary regarding the Analytics of your release. 

Viewing and Reporting on Individual Distribution Analytics:

To see the Analytics,

1. Select the Campaigns tab.
2. Click on My Activities from the drop-down.
1. One of several options for finding the email for which you want to see statistics is to use the keyword search. To use the keyword search, enter a word, phrase enclosed in quotations, or a combination of words and phrases connected using simple Boolean Terms. Boolean terms accepted by this field are OR, AND, AND NOT all of which must be capitalised when used.
NOTE: The keyword search looks through logged interactions' title and notes fields.
2. Another option for finding a particular email is to use the Title column in the centre of the My Activities page to find the email.
3. If you have trouble locating the distribution, you can also use the Filters on the left side panel to sort Activities by Type and Status.
4. Click on the upside-down triangle by the email's title.
5. Select View Details

When the sent email opens, it will automatically show you a variety of analytics and statistics.

1. In the left-hand panel, you’ll see a thumbnail of your email.  Click on it to expand and review your email.  Underneath, you’ll find the details regarding the timing of your email.  Finally, you’ll see the media lists to which you distributed.
2. In the top middle panel, you’ll see a graphical analysis of your email's open, click, and bounce-back rates.
3. In the bottom middle panel, you will see a summary of how many people clicked on each link in your email.
4. On the right, you’ll see the individuals who received your email.  Next to each name, you’ll see whether or not a person opened the email, clicked on any links, or whether the email bounced from their email address.
5. You can generate a PDF, XLS, or Word-based report, including the analytics and statics on this page.

Sort Recipients by Action:

To sort the Recipients by action,

1. Click the upside-down triangle by All Recipients.
2. Select the action by which you want to sort. If you want to see this information, your work here may be done.  Follow the remaining steps if you want to build contacts into a list based on their action.
3. Click the checkbox by either individual contacts or select the top checkbox to select all the contacts.
4. Select the Add to List button and either add the selected contacts to an existing or new list. This is an excellent way to build lists of contacts you know are actively engaging with your story.

Generating a Report of Email Analytics and Statistics:

To generate a report, including the statistics and analytics for an email, click on the Generate Report button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can generate the report in either PDF, DOCX, or XLSX format.

You will be able to customise the appearance of your report by choosing the statistics and analytics you would like to include. In addition, you can choose to include a cover page with an image.  When you have finished making your report selections, click Download. The report will download as the specified file type.

The PDF or DocX Report will contain a cover page and any options you selected under Include. Here is a sample of what it could look like below.

Viewing and Reporting on Distribution Analytics in Bulk:

Using the column view on the My Activities page, you can easily view the open rate, click rate (for links in the distributions), and bounce-back rates for all sent email distributions. This data can be included in an Export report of all activities, including distributions. Click here to learn more about creating an export report.

Viewing Sent Email Information for Individual Media Contacts/Outlets:

For every Media Contact and Outlet to whom an email distribution is sent, evidence of the email will be logged on the History Panel within their record. Click here to learn more about Media Contact Records. Click here to learn more about Media Outlet Records.

Emails logged on the History Panel will have one of two indicator messages. A sent email indicates that an email was sent to the Media Contact/Outlet. An opened message indicates that the email was received and opened by the Media Contact/Outlet.

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