Adding Images to Emails

Modified on: Thu, 1 Dec, 2022 at 10:05 PM

Adding an image to email pitches or releases sent to the media is a best practice for engaging your contacts. You have two options for inserting images. They can be uploaded from a file directory or inserted via a URL. 

Using the Image Library to Upload Images:

The image library gives you the ability to conveniently store images you have used in past email distributions so that you can easily reuse them in future ones (such as when your logo is often added to all of your emailed press releases). You also have the option to add new images to your image library. 

There are few guidelines to keep in mind when using the image library. The first is that only image files can be added to the library. Each image added to the gallery must be 4 MB or smaller. Your image library can hold 1,000 images at a time. Finally, if you need to have an image or images removed from the image library, please submit a ticket to our Customer Care team here.

To access your Image Library, 

1. Select the Image Library button from the Editing Options Toolbar.
2. Use Add Image Upload option if you want to upload and use an image that has not been used in previous email distributions. Remember that only image files can be uploaded to the gallery. Each image must be 4 MB or smaller.
3. To reuse an image that has already been uploaded as a part of previous emails, click on the image in the gallery view. NOTE: You may select more than one image from the gallery at a time.
4. Select OK. The selected images will be inserted in your email.
5. If you need to have an image or images removed from the image library, please submit a ticket to our Customer Care team here.

Inserting to Upload Images via URL/Web Link:

If the image you prefer to insert an image that is hosted on your organization’s web page or an image storage site, you can use a link to the image to make this add the image. 

To add an image via URL/Web link,

1. Copy the image address
2. In the Cision Communications Cloud, click the Mountain and Sun icon on the toolbar
3. An image Properties window will appear, providing you with a preview of your image as well as options for editing the image.  Click here to see a document with more about Editing and Inserting Images. 
4. Your image will be inserted.

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