Using Twitter Audience Insights to Find Media Contacts

Modified on: Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 at 6:52 PM

Searching for Media Contacts by Twitter Audience Insight Data enables you to look beyond the Media Contacts themselves and determine how closely their Twitter Audience may align with your campaign. Additionally, Twitter Audience information can help you better inform your pitches to media contacts so that you are sure to include content that they can easily use when reaching out to their audience.

To begin searching using Twitter Audience Insight Data,

  1. Click on Influencers    
  2. Click on Search

  1. Click the arrow in the Contact Name box to see the criteria available for searching
  2. Use the scroll bar to move to the Audience Insights section.    
  3. Select the first Audience Insight criteria by which you want to a search. You can search by Audience Interest and/or Audience Location. See more about searching by these specific criterion below.
  4. If you will search by both Interest and Location, click the Plus Sign button to include the additional criteria to your search.    
  5. When all desired criteria are in place, click Search

Searching by Audience Interest

When searching by Audience Interest, you will be presented with a populated drop down list of all of the Twitter Audience Interest subjects that Cision tracks. There are a few strategies you can use when looking for a particular subject,

  1. Begin typing in a subject of interest related to your campaign. As you do, the system will show any matches for interests that contain your terms. If you art not able to find a suitable match, either type in another related interest or proceed to the Browse by Group strategy covered in the next step. When considering related subjects to enter, it can often be helpful to think of how the subject may be referred to more generally.
  2. Click the Browse by Group option to look for interests logically instead of literally. You will be presented with the same interest list in a different format.
  3. Within the Browse by Group option, first select a group on the left    
  4. All of the interests logically related to that group will show in the right pane. Select as many subjects as you like.
  5. All of the interests you have selected will show at the bottom of the screen    
  6. Select Ok to include all selected interests in your search.

Searching by Audience Location

Audience Location can be specified by selecting various DMA(s) (Designated Market Area). Designated Market Areas are specific to the United States, so if you are searching for Media Contacts outside the United States, you will not want to include this criteria. When using this criteria, you can enter either the DMA Name or the DMA Rank in the Search box. You can sort the DMAs Alphabetically (1) or by Rank (2). Also, you can select and search for multiple DMAs at a time.

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