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Did you know you can search our database to find out what media contacts are saying about trending topics on Twitter or in the News? This is an excellent way to find out what Media Contacts have to said recently about your organisation, brands, events topics, competitors, competitors’ brands, and more. You may also discover folks who have an interest in your industry that you wouldn’t have expected! For instance, you may run a search for people talking about the last album release and find a political journalist with something to say.

NOTE: The Talking About search will look through Tweets and News (posted or written in the last 60 days) by the Media Contacts in our database. The search will return the names of Media Contacts whose Tweets or News match the criteria of your Search. Within each resultant Media Contact Profile, you will be presented with the Tweet or News article where they mentioned your search term(s).

To initiate a Talking About search, follow these steps:

  1. Click Influencers
  2. Click Search

search change

  1. Click the Contact Name box and select Talking About
  2. Enter the desired trending topic in the dialog box. Consider topics such as your Organisation Name, Products, Clients’ Names, Clients’ Products or Competitors’ Names. Searching for Media Contact who have written about your Competitors can be very effective as you can then pitch those Media Contacts to being Talking About you!
  3. Click Search

Tip: For a multi-word phrase, use quotations and basic Boolean of AND, OR, AND NOT and others can be used. Click here to see the full list of Boolean Terms that are accepted in this field

influencer-searchYou’ll receive a results page with Media Contacts that Talked About your topic recently.


Working with Influencer Results

  1. The Influencers are sorted by whether they are Social Media or News Influencers.  NOTE: Social Media Influencers are Media Contacts who have Tweeted about your search term(s) during the past 90 days. News Influencers are those who have written about your search term(s) during the past 60 days.
  2. The Filters section can be used to narrow your results. You can apply multiple Filters at a time. You can also select multiple choices within each Filter.
  3. As you click on each Influencer, you will see their Profile in the right-hand window. Included in this profile are either their recent Tweets about your topic (for Social Media Influencers) or links to the news article where they mentioned your topic (for News Influencers). NOTES: If the Media Contact has recently reTweeted a post, you will see the label RT in front of the post along with the name of the post’s original author in the Streams panel. If you see the article headlines are not links and you are a Cision user in the UK, you will need to add an NLA/CLA Web subscription to your Cision package to see the headlines as links. Contact your Account Executive to learn more.
  4. Select Influencers to either Add to a List or Report on by checking individual Influencers or clicking in the checkbox on top of the search result set to include all Influencers.
  5. Use the Add to List button to either add the Influencers to an Existing List or Create a New List to which to add them. NOTE: When creating a new list, special characters, other than the semi-colon(;) and plus sign(+), can be used in a list name.
  6. You can create either an Export (Excel File) or Briefing Book Report with information about each Influencer and their related Outlet.


Changing the Influencer Results View

Once you have generated a set of results, you have two view options located in the upper righthand corner of the screen that can be used to help you analyse the details associated with your results. The view that you use last within a session will be the view that persists through your subsequent logins until you change the view again.

  1. Profile View is the default view. This view shows all results in the left pane and details for each result in the right pane.
  2. When using the Profile view, you can sort the Influencers by Outlet Name, Audience Reach, and UVPM.
  3. The Grid View shows all of the data associated with all Influencers in a grid view.
  4. When using the Grid view, you can sort the Influencers using many of the data columns in the grid view.  To sort, hover your mouse over any column. Use the arrow that appears to sort the Influencers in ascending or descending of the data.


Customising and Sorting the Grid View

  1. If you choose to view your contacts in the grid, you will have the option to create a customised Grid View by selecting which columns of information you would like to display and determining the column order. The system will save this view for you. To create a custom grid view, use the following steps.

Click the Gear icon.

  1. A form will appear that you can use to customise the Grid View.
  2. Uncheck any columns that you do not want to see displayed
  3. Drag and drop columns in the order that you prefer to see them
  4. Click Save

Customize Influencer Grid View


Once you have initially customised the view, you can sort results in the Grid View using any column of data. As you hover in the righthand corner of any column, you will see a triangle appear that can be used to sort the results in ascending or descending order of the data.

Sort-Grid-View-Columns (1)

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