What To Do If a Clip is Missed

Modified on: Tue, 6 Dec, 2022 at 3:19 PM

If you suspect that Cision may have missed a clip, we recommend a few steps that will enable you to determine whether the clip has been missed and how you can add it.

Verify Whether or Not the Clip is in the System:

If you gain a sense of the coverage Cision brings primarily from your daily email alert, we highly recommend you log into your Cision Communications Cloud and conduct a Search for the Missed Clip.  Remember that your daily email alert will contain coverage that has come in since the previous day’s email until the time the alert is sent.  As a result, if the alert goes out at 7 AM, coverage coming into your system at 7:01 AM will appear in the next day’s email. However, the clip is available to view and report on within the system when it comes in. While many clips come in quickly, others can take longer to enter the system. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we recommend checking again in 24 hours.

Following is the procedure for using the Search tab to find an article.

1. Click on the News tab.
2. Click on Search

While there are many criteria you can use to find coverage on the Search page, we recommend Keyword and Duplicates as helpful search fields.

1. Enter an exact word or phrase from the missed clip.  Phrases should be enclosed in quotations. Words that do not appear immediately beside each other in the missed clip can be entered using the boolean terms AND, OR, AND NOT.
2. Click the blue plus sign and add the Duplicates field to the search.  Select to Include all duplicates.  This will ensure you see every clip the system finds regardless of whether it is a duplicate.

Options for Adding the Clip to the System Yourself:

If you are unable to find the clip in the Cision Communications Cloud after Searching, you can add the clip to your Cision Communication’s Cloud using either of the following methods: using the Add to Coverage option if you have a link to the clip or Searching the Cision Archive for the clip.

  • Click here to learn about Searching the Cision Archive to find the Missed Clip (This method is recommended).
  • Click here to add a Missed Clip to Cision using Add to Coverage if you have a link.

Determining Why a Clip May Have Been Missed:

Determining why a clip was missed can be beneficial in identifying whether or not a change needs to be made to your Keyword Searches that bring relevant coverage into your Cision Communications Cloud. This understanding could also lead you to request that Cision begin monitoring a publication that it currently does not. 

First, keep in mind that Keyword Searches in Cision are Text Literal.  This means that searches will only bring in clips that have an exact match with the terms for which you are monitoring. For example, if monitor for instances of “car” but automobile is used exclusively in the clip, the clip is not an exact match and will not be brought in unless I add “automobile” explicitly to the Keyword Searches. In this example, if I find “automobile” frequently referred to as “car,” I should change my Keyword Searches. However, if it seems to be a rare example of where “automobile” is used exclusively,  I may want to keep my Keyword Searches the same and add the missed clip to the system.

Second, it is helpful to remember that Cision monitors only the text of the article and not any banner content, advertisements, images, or slide shows. If your mention is made in this type of content, add the missed clip using the instructions in this document. You do not need to change your Keyword Searches in this case since the content is not monitored.

While Cision monitors many publications, not every single outlet is monitored. If the clip in question matches your keywords in the text of the article, it is possible that the publication is not monitored. You can always contact the Customer Support and submit a ticket to find out if the publication is not monitored by Cision. You can also request that Cision begin monitoring the publication as part of your Customer Care inquiry.

Lastly, while the above reasons account for some of the reasons that the clip may be missed, others may be unique to the clip contents, publication,  or your account settings. As a result, Customer Care can investigate the specific reason for a miss and propose a solution for avoiding similar misses in the future. You can raise a ticket here, and one of our Customer Care agents will contact you.

Viewing Your Keyword Searches Terms:

You can view your Keyword Searches to determine whether your Missed Clip has an exact match for the terms. To begin this process, click the Person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar.

1. Select the Settings menu from the dropdown. Navigate using the left-hand panel to Keyword searches. When do you, you will see all of your Keyword Searches listed in the middle panel.
2. Notice that there are two types of searches: Support Labelled and those that are not. You can view the terms of both types of searches by clicking on the search name.
3. Support-Labelled Searches can be opened and viewed. To request changes to these searches, use the Request Link button when you open the search.  Click here to learn more about making changes to this type of search.
4. User Created Searches can be viewed, edited, and deleted, all of which are accessible when you open the search.  Click here to learn more about making changes to this type of search.

Examining Support Labelled Search Terms:

In this search, any terms preceding the phrase “AND NOT”  will bring relevant coverage into your Cision Communications Cloud. Any terms following the phrase “AND NOT” will work to exclude coverage from coming into the system. 

Examining User-Created Search Terms:

In this type of search, terms in the Contains ALL and Contains  ONE OR MORE fields work together to bring in relevant coverage, while any terms in the Contains NONE field exclude coverage from coming into the system. Click here to learn more about how User Created Searches are composed.

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