Boolean for Front-End Searches

Modified on: Wed, 30 Nov, 2022 at 8:55 PM

This document describes Boolean terms that can be used by searches that have the ability to look for coverage inside your Cision Communications Cloud account (coverage that has already been captured by monitoring).  Searches that have this ability include the Analytics Profiles, Searching My Coverage, and using the Talking About Search. Because these searches are looking through coverage that has already been found as relevant through monitoring searches or in the case of the Talking About Search looking through the Cision Influencer database, the set of Boolean Terms that is accepted by these searches is smaller than that of searches that look outside the Cision Communications Cloud platform.  It is also important to note that Boolean strings used in front-end searches (Analytics Profiles, Searching My Coverage, and Talking About Search) can have up to a maximum of 250 characters.

Hint: To find exactly what you are looking for when searching my coverage, combine your keyword searches with the advanced search parameters and filtering options available on the front-end of the system.




” ”
Search for an exact phrase.
“iced coffee”
Return clips containing both keywords.
“coffee” AND “farmer’s market”
Return clips containing either keyword.
“coffee” OR “tea”
Ignore any clips containing this keyword.
“coffee” AND NOT “iced coffee”
Combine multiple operators to craft a complex search. The innermost set of parentheses is interpreted first.
(((“coffee” OR “tea” OR “latte” OR “cappuccino”) w/5 (“great” OR “best” OR “delicious”)) AND “Chicago”)
Return clips where these keywords appear within a specified distance of one another. Read more. 
“coffee” w/5 “best”
Truncation wildcard to return all possible endings of this keyword. Not supported with quotes or phrases. Read more. 
apple* returns apple, apples, applesauce, etc.
Search for a key term in the headline or title of a clip. Not available in Talking About Search.

Notes on Proximity:

  • For best results, limit proximity searches to w/20 or fewer.
  • This operator only works with single terms or lists of terms separated by OR. It cannot be used in the same clause as other operators, although you can use other operators elsewhere in the search.
  1.  ((patent OR patents OR trademark OR trademarks) w/5 (grants OR granted))
  2.  ((“social media” w/10 (influencer OR influencers)) AND marketing)
  3. ((market OR markets) w/5 (trends OR trend OR analysis OR research OR report))
  1. (“social media” w/100 (influencer OR influencers))
  2. (cs(iPhone) w/5 (release OR update OR news))
  3. (market w/10 (analysis AND report))

Notes on Wildcard:

  • Use this operator sparingly: more likely than not, there are more possible variants than what you anticipated which can lead to runaway searches and irrelevant content.
  • The system requires at least 2 characters before the wildcard, but we recommend being as specific as possible to minimise irrelevant results.
  1. ((Psycholog* OR psychiatr*) AND ((study OR research) w/15 new)
  2. (technolog* AND ethics AND “silicon valley”)
  3.  (fashion* AND (jewelry OR accessories) AND trends)
  1.  art*

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