Reporting on News Search Results

Modified on: Tue, 29 Nov, 2022 at 3:46 PM

The Cision Communications Cloud allows you to search for and view the news pick-up you may be getting as a result of your PR efforts and report on and analyse your coverage in various ways!

To make the Options toolbar available for Reporting, you will need to search for and find the news coverage you want to report using the News Search page. Click here to learn more about Searching for News Coverage.

  1. Apply any desired Filters to further define by category the coverage that should be included in the report or analysis.
  2. Select the coverage that should be included in the report by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.  The top checkbox can select all the coverage in a search result set. The individual checkboxes next to each article can be used to include or exclude a specific article in the report. You must select all, some, or one article to proceed with reporting or analysis.
  3. Once you have selected the coverage you want to include in the report or analysis, the Options toolbar becomes active, enabling you to choose how to report on or analyse the coverage. Below are descriptions of the options presented by this toolbar.    
  4. The Analysis option can also be accessed using the screen's button in the upper right-hand corner.  From the Analytics Dashboard, you can create a file-based report containing charts. You can also share the Analytics Dashboard via email or URL.

  • Export – Create an Export (CSV/Excel file) describing the selected coverage. When creating an Export, you can choose which data to describe the coverage. You also have the ordering the data according to your preference.
  • ShareSend the news items via email to recipients using a template. This option allows you to send recipients a summary of the selected coverage. Within the summary, you have various formatting options to share additional data about each article if you prefer.
  • Add To Clipbook- Either Add a clip to an existing clipbook summary or Create, customise, and format a clipbook summary of the selected coverage that can be delivered as a PDF, DOC, email, or all three options at once
  • Edit-Edit or modify all selected news items. Options from this menu include: Add News Items to the Campaign, Add Tags, Modify Tone, or Modify Custom Fields
  • Delete– This button will delete all selected news. NOTE: If you have multiple users within your Cision account, the other users will no longer be able to see new clips that have been deleted.

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