Viewing Social Statistics for News Results

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If your Cision Communications Cloud account is set up to monitor Twitter and Facebook, you will have the opportunity to see basic social statistics such as Likes and reTweets for Twitter mentions and Likes, Number of Comments, and Shares for Facebook mentions easily within your Cision Communications Cloud. 

However, if you have the Social Statistics Add-on as part of your Cision Communications Cloud, you will be able to see updated social statistics for social mentions and online articles shared socially. To see what we monitor for when it comes to social media, click here

Below, you will find a more detailed description comparing and contrasting what is available to all Cision accounts monitoring for social content and the additional capabilities available.

Viewing Social Statistics in Clip Profile (Available To All Cision Communication Cloud Subscriptions):

If you are monitoring for social mentions in the Cision Communication Cloud, you will have the opportunity to view social statistics in the clip profile via two options.

When you click on a social mention in a set of search results in the left pane, you will see a profile for the mention in the right-hand pane. Within this profile,

  1. Click the View Source button to open the Tweet on the Twitter website. This will enable you to see the most up-to-date Likes and reTweets for Twitter mentions and Likes, Number of Comments and Shares for Facebook.
  2. In the middle portion of the profile, you will also see the social mention contents along with social statistics. The statistics shown in this area are reflective of the data available when the social mentioned entered the Cision Communications Cloud. In this area, you can add to the statistics by replying, retweeting, Liking, and Favoriting as long as you have a social account connected to Cision for the related social channel.  

Standard Social Stastics

Enhanced Social Statistics Data, Viewing, and Reporting (Available with Social Statistics Add-On):

If you have the Social Statistics Add-On component as part of your Cision Communications Cloud, you will have the opportunity to see additional social statistics data that can then be viewed and reported on in various ways. 

Additional Social Statistics Data

With the Social Statistics Add-On, you will receive statistics for both your social media mentions and online articles referenced in a social mention via URL. This means that for every online article that enters your account, we will automatically go out to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) and determine if the online article has been shared. If it has, we will bring in social statistics to give you more information about the social share of that online article. 

The Social Statistics Add-On will also provide you with two additional analytics charts that help you visualise Engagement for social mentions and Social Amplification of online articles.

Additional Social Statistics Data in Clip Profile View

For online articles (1) shared socially, you will have an aggregate view of all social statistics for shares of the article across Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This aggregate view is available in the Clip Profile View as a Social Engagement Chart (2) at the bottom of an online mention. All possible chart series are Facebook (Like), Facebook (Share), Facebook (Comment), Twitter (Like), Twitter (Share), and Pinterest (Share).

Online article shared socially

Additional Social Statistics Data in Grid View

The Social Statistics Add-On will also enable you to view updated social data using the Grid View.  The Likes, Shares, Followers, and Comments columns show aggregate information across the social channels of Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This data is updated according to a schedule.

To see aggregate social statistics data in the grid view,

  1. Click on the Grid View icon.
  2. Select the Gear icon, which will enable you to customise the Grid View, determining what data you want to see and in what order.  You must include the Followers, Shares, Likes, and Comments data columns in your Grid View to see updated social data. 
  3. With the Followers, Likes, Shares, and Comments columns visible, you will see data aggregated in the following manner: Facebook (Like), Facebook (Share), Facebook (Comment), Twitter (Like), Twitter (Share), Pinterest (Share). This data is updated according to a schedule. The schedule for social statistics includes updates 8 hours and 24 hours after Cision has received the post. A final update is made 7 days later. For online articles, data is updated 8 hours after the initial clip date and then again 3 and 7 days afterward.

Viewing Add-On Social Statistics in Analytics Charts

If you have the Social Statistics Add-On as part of your subscription, you can see Social Engagement Statistics represented by analytics charts.  These charts and graphs will not be visible on your default dashboard; you will need to add them. To learn how to customise dashboards, click here.

Below are the charts and graphs you will find with our Social Statistics Add-On Package.

Social Amplification (Requires Social Statistics Add-on)

The Social Amplification chart lets you see social metrics (likes, comments, shares) associated with online articles that have been shared socially.  This chart reports the number of Facebook Likes, shares, comments, and Pinterest Shares. (The Social Statistics Add-On is needed for these charts to populate.)

social amp

Social Engagement (Requires Social Statistics Add-On)

The social engagement chart allows you to visualise

e social engagement metrics such as likes and shares. You can display individual social networks on the chart to see where you get the most engagement. Following is a breakdown of how each channel will report statistics using these three columns.

Facebook: Shares, Comments, Likes (Page Likes)
Twitter: Followers, Likes, Re-Tweets (Shares)

social engage

The following charts are available with any Cision Communications Cloud account set up to monitor social mentions (without the Social Statistics Add-On).

Social Location

This chart shows the location of authors that have posted about you. If a post’s author does not have a location defined, the system will use post location. This map can only be displayed as a global or European Map.

Social Locations

Social Mentions

This chart will compare your social media mentions over time comparatively.  This allows you to see what social media platform you are getting mentioned most.

Social Mentions Chart

Top Authors

Top Authors displays which users mention you the most, along with social engagement metrics for Twitter and Facebook. Along with the number of mentions, this chart also shows the Followers, Likes, Comments, and Shares columns. Columns are sortable to quickly navigate the data. This chart can be changed to select which social media platform you want to display.

Click Top Authors

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