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Modified on: Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 at 6:55 PM

In addition to searching for news within coverage we’ve captured for you through monitoring, you also have the ability to search the breadth of our system for news outside of your monitoring. This option is helpful if you want to see coverage from time to time about a competitor, peer organisation, brand, event, or industry buzz for which we are not monitoring regularly for you. This option is also helpful should a clip be missed by our monitoring processes. While a missed clip should not be likely, it is possible for you to find it in the All News area and bring it into your coverage for reporting.  Click to learn more about what to do if there is a missed clip.

Follow these steps to initiate a search through the entire Cision All News archive for one-off searches or missed clip scenarios:

  1. Click News
  2. Click Search

  1. Click Search All News
  2. Enter a Keyword(s)  You can use basic Boolean, as well as proximity searches, in this area. E.g. (kitten OR cat OR feline) w/9(troublemaker)  Click here to learn which Boolean terms are accepted by this field.
  3. Enter a Date Range.  
  4. If you want to add additional fields to your search, click the plus sign.
  5. The following additional fields can be added to an All News search: Language ( in which the clip was published originally), Countries (from which the news originated), and Sources(Print/Online, Broadcast, Wire Service, Blogs, Social Networks etc) NOTE: If you select Twitter and/ or Social Networks, know that you will be searching a subset of social mentions.  Specifically, you will be searching social mentions that have already come in through monitoring on behalf of other Cision clients rather than all of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  6. Click Search

  • This will return news matching your keywords criteria. You won’t have quite the same functionality that you do when searching through your My Coverage. However, you can add news items from this result set to your coverage by selecting the desired items and clicking Add to My Coverage. Once you add the clip(s) to My Coverage, more data about each clip, such as Reach, UVPM, and Publicity Value will become available to you. NOTE: You can add 1,000 articles to your My Coverage area at a time. Should you need to add more than 1,000, we recommend you consider finding and selecting the coverage based on a more limited time range. Also, when adding articles to My Coverage, know it that it will take a few moments for the import to take place. 

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