Manually Tagging Coverage

Modified on: Tue, 6 Dec, 2022 at 1:14 PM

The Cision Communications Cloud enables you to automatically and manually tag news to better organise it, making it easier to find.  Automatic is best for tagging coverage with specific, predictable terms, such as your organisation’s name.   Manual is better suited for news coverage that requires a human eye to determine whether it truly applies to a category. Use cases for manual tagging include tagging for a weekly or monthly newsletter, campaigns, archived broadcast clips, or irrelevant coverage (coverage that mentions your monitoring terms but is too loosely related to your monitoring goals).

The documentation below describes how to apply Manual Tags. Click here to learn more about automatically applied tags.

Manually Tagging Individual News Items:

To apply a new Tags or change those that have already been applied to a particular news item,

1. Click on the desired news item in the results panel.

2. Scroll down to where the Tags section appears in the profile.
3.  Click the pencil icon.

Applying Existing Tags:

1. To apply existing Tags to the clip, click the Pencil icon.
2.  Check the Tags that you want to apply. You can find the Tags by scrolling through the list or by typing the name of the Tags in the Search box.

Creating a New Tag:

1. To create a new Tag, click the Pencil icon.
2. Type the name of the new Tag in the checkbox.
3. When the system determines that there is no existing Tag by that name, the Create new tag option appears. Click this option to create a new Tag.

Modifying Applied Tags:

You can modify the Tags applied to a clip by adding or removing Tags.

1. To remove Tags already applied, click the ‘x’ on the tag you want to remove.

2. To begin applying other Tags, click the Pencil icon.
3. Click the checkbox by each Tag you wish to apply to the clip. You can apply multiple Tags to a clip.
4. To find a Tag quickly, type the Tag's name in the search box.
5. If the Tag you have entered has not yet been created, you will be prompted to create a new Tag by that name.

Manually Tagging News Items in Bulk:

You can apply and/or modify Tags to news items in bulk for greater efficiency. To begin working with news items in bulk:

1. Click on the check boxes for the desired news items in the results panel. To select all items in a result set, click to the top check box.
2. Click on the Edit button located on the options toolbar.
3. Select the Modify Tags option.

The Modify Tags screen will appear, enabling you to work with manually applied tags in various ways, such as appending existing tags, applying new tags, removing already applied tags, and replacing applied tags.

1. If the tags you want to work with (append, change, or remove) have already been created in the system, type the Tag's name in the search box. 
2. Select the desired Tags by clicking on their check box.
3.  Click on the action you want to take for the selected Tags. Append will apply the selected tags in addition to any that have already been applied. Remove will remove the selected tags. Replace All With will replace all tags applied to the news items with only those you have selected.
4. If you want to create a new tag, type the name of the new tag in the search box. Click the Create New option that appears. This action will create a new tag and apply it to the selected news items.

Renaming Tags:

Tags can be renamed in the Settings area of the system; click here to learn where to go and how to rename Tags.

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