Shared Analytics Dashboards Admin Overview

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023 at 9:05 PM

Within the News area of the Cision Communications Cloud, you have the option to share Analytics Dashboards as password protects URls giving others who do not have access to Cision an interactive, visual view of coverage. Click here to learn more about Sharing Analytics Dashboards. Over time, you may need to manage the dashboards you have shared by easily copying a link to the dashboard again, changing the password, or deleting the dashboard. Below, you will find options for managing your Shared Analytics Dashboard effectively.



To access Shared Dashboard Management,

Click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner and select the Settings drop-down.

Updated Settings

  • Click on Shared Analytics Dashboard from the Settings panel.



Settings Shared Analytics1




Viewing Shared Analytics Dashboard Information

All of the previously shared dashboards will show in a Grid View. For each Shared dashboard, you will see the following:

  • Dashboard’s Name- Name of the Analytics Dashboard that was shared
  • Search Name- Name of the News Search from which the coverage described in the dashboard came.
  • Format Type- Format of the dashboard: Dynamic indicates that the shared dashboard is set to be constantly updated to describe new coverage. Snapshot only means that the shared dashboard is not set to be regularly updated with new coverage.
  • Created Date- The date the shared dashboard was created.

Shared analytics dashboard overview



  1. Accessing Management Options
  2. To access management options for a Shared Analytics Dashboard, 
  3. Click the triangle by the Shared Analytics Dashboard for which you want to see options
  4. A menu with management options will appear which include: Copy link, Update password, and Delete Dashboard.

Shared Analytics Dashboard Maangement



Copying a Link to Shared Analytics Dashboard

The Copy Link option is beneficial if you want to share the analytics dashboard again. For example, if you accidentally left someone out of the initial share or if others have requested access. 

To copy a link to a previously Shared Analytics Dashboard,

  1. Select Copy Link from the management options menu.
  2. A link to the dashboard will automatically be copied to your Clipboard.
  3. Paste the copied dashboard link in the email or document you will use to share by using right click paste option, CTRL + V, or CMD + V. 

Copy Link


Updating the Password for a Shared Analytics Dashboard

Updating the password for a previously shared dashboard is beneficial if have shared the wrong password by accident or you no longer want recipients to access the dashboard but do not want to fully delete the shared dashboard from the system in anticipation of using it in the future.

To Updated the password for a Shared Analytics Dashboard, 

  1. Select Update Password from the management options menu.
  2. A pop up will enable you to enter a new password for the Shared Analytics Dashboard. When you update the password, the previous password used to access the dashboard will expire.

Update Password


Deleting a Shared Analytics Dashboard

Deleting will completely remove access to the shared analytics dashboard for both you and your recipients. Once a shared analytics dashboard is deleted, you will no longer see it in the Settings area. It is important to note that only the shared portion of the dashboard is deleting. The dashboard can still be accessed from the News area of the platform for future file-based reporting or a new share. 

To Delete a Shared Analytics Dashboard, 

  1. Select Delete dashboard from the management options menu.
  2. Use to pop up to confirm your choice to delete the shared dashboard or cancel.

Delete Dashboard


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