Connecting Google and Adobe Analytics Accounts

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023 at 6:40 AM

When you connect your Google and/or Adobe Analytics account to your Cision Communications Cloud, you will be able to see traffic and related statistics in the profiles of News clips that contribute traffic to your monitored site. You will also see a variety of related data in the Outlet Conversions tab of your platform. When a Google Analytics account is connected, you will see data such as Outlet Name, Count of Referrals, Goal Completions, Revenue, Page Views, and Average Session Length in the Outlet Conversions tab of the platform. With a connected Adobe Analytics account, you will see data such as Average Seconds on Page, Checkouts, Orders, and Revenue.  You can learn more about the different Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics integrations hereBoth Google and Adobe Analytics accounts can be connected to each data group within the Cision Communications Cloud.

Important Considerations 

Once an account is connected, it may take up to 24 hours to data to populate in the Cision Communications Cloud. Upon initial connection of a Google Analytics account, the past 30 days of data will be pulled into the Cision Communications Cloud. If you switch the account that is connected, it is important to note that that you will initially see data from both accounts for several days. 

Connecting Google/Adobe Accounts

To connect your Google Analytics  and/or Adobe Analytics accounts,

Click the Person icon in the upper right-hand corner of your system and select Settings.






  • Click on Third Party Integrations from the Settings menu.

Third Party integrations

  • Click on the Connect button for either Google or Adobe Analytics based on which account you want to connect. Remember, can connect both a Google and Adobe Analytics account.

Connect GA or AA

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics or Adobe account by following the prompts.


GAAdobe Analytics

  • For Google Analytics, you will be asked to associate a particular view with the Cision Communications Cloud. Views can be created in your Google Analytics account and then connected to Cision. We highly recommend you create a view for Cision to use.
  • Once you have entered the information, you will see the view associated with your account listed as connected.
  • You can disconnect your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics account using the button should you need to.



For Adobe Analytics, you will need to have a report suite created in your Adobe Analytics account in order to see any of your Adobe Analytics data in the Cision Communications Cloud.

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