Media Requests with Connect Overview

Modified on: Fri, 18 Nov, 2022 at 3:34 PM

Media Requests with Connect are time-sensitive opportunities for PR pros to help journalists with an upcoming piece of content. If you have a Global Package enabled for your Cision subscription, you can access both HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and UK Media Requests. Those with a Country package for the United States and Canada will have access to HARO only, and those with a Country package for Great Britain and Ireland will only have access to UK Media Requests.

Cision’s media request services, like HARO and UK Media Requests (via Gorkana), help connect journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise. Journalists publish these requests, seeking responses and pitches from those that could contribute to an article via an expert opinion, relevant story, or quote. This provides a great opportunity for you to get coverage by offering an expert interview with someone in your organization or providing a relevant anecdote related to your business. When a journalist sends out a media request, they are often on a short deadline and are looking for quick responses, so you should stay on top of these as they come out! NOTE: You will have access to HAROs and UK Media Requests with deadlines within the next 3 months by default, but you can adjust the timeframe within the platform. 

Through Connect, you can search for relevant HAROs and UK Media Requests by keyword. The search interface mimics that of editorial calendars, so you won't need to learn a new way of searching! 

To Search for Media Requests:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab.
  2. Select Media Requests from the dropdown menu.

  1. Click on the Plus Sign button to search by keyword. NOTE: Keywords search the following fields: Title, Opportunity, and Requirements (optional, so not always available).

  1. Type in a Keyword or Phrase you would like to use for your search.
  2. Click on the Custom Keyword pill to add to your Keywords search.

  1. Click the Plus Sign button to add more Keywords to serve as filters for your Media Requests search.
  2. As more Keywords are added, click on the Ellipses button to Include the keyword in your search (OR), Exclude the keyword from your search (NOT), or Delete the Keyword from your search.
  3. Click on Clear All if you want to remove all keywords you've entered for your search.
  4. Click on the Filters button to hide your Media Requests keywords. NOTE: Keywords will remain highlighted in the Title, opportunity, or Requirements (if included).
  5. Click on the Deadline button to select from Deadlines that are 3 Months from Today, 6 Months from Today, 1 Year from Today, or Custom to enter your own deadline date.
  6. Use the arrows to move between pages of Media Requests results.

  1. Each Media Request result will display whether it is from HARO or UK Media Results.
  2. You will receive the Copy Deadline and a link to contact the journalist. NOTE: When a media request comes from HARO, it will always include a “pitch recipient” email address which routes to the respective journalist’s email inbox. This is the preferred reply method because many journalists use the HARO interface or relevant rules in their inboxes to manage media request responses.  UK Media Requests (via Gorkana) have direct, non-obfuscated email addresses. Users can contact those email addresses directly to contact the journalist about their request.
  3. The Opportunity will be described by the journalist, and any Requirements they added will be included. (Requirements are optional)
  4. Click on a journalist's name in blue to see their Connect Mini Card and contact them directly. NOTE: If we can match the journalist with someone in the Connect database, we will provide a link to that journalist’s mini-card. There, a user can learn more about the journalist and access their professional email if they prefer to contact them directly.

NOTE: If you have a subscription through the HARO site and would like help, please contact If you have a subscription through the Media Requests website for UK Media Requests and would like some help, please reach out to

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