Collecting LinkedIn Data with Cision Social Listening

Modified on: Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 at 10:32 PM

Using Cision Social Listening, you can monitor posts/comments on your owned LinkedIn business pages. You are required to authenticate with your LinkedIn business page credentials, which then allows you to bring in owned posts and comments, and anonymised audience comments that can then be viewed in Dashboards alongside other data sources. You’ll be able to monitor all your business pages in one place and benchmark your content’s performance on LinkedIn vs. other channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

To get started with monitoring owned business LinkedIn pages, you need to create LinkedIn authentication tokens for your LinkedIn business pages and then add the owned LinkedIn page(s) you want to track as Targeted Data Sources, then add those pages to your Saved Searches. This allows Cision Social Listening to collect all the data you’re interested in and return the most relevant results for your search queries. 

Note: Re-authentication will be required should you change your password.

To collect and view owned LinkedIn data, complete the following steps:

  1. Add your LinkedIn pages as data sources

  2. Add LinkedIn pages to your saved searches

  3. View LinkedIn data within your dashboard

Add the LinkedIn Pages You Want to Monitor:

Specify which Owned LinkedIn pages you want Cision Social Listening to collect data from by adding them as targeted data sources. There is not a restriction on the number of owned pages you can add. 

NOTE: You will need to first authenticate the owned LinkedIn account that the pages are connected to, then add the pages as targeted data sources to track.

1. Click on the Social Listening tab.

2. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select Manage tokens and targeted data.

4. Select Targeted Data Sources to view a list with the Facebook Pages, Instagram Business accounts, hashtags and owned business LinkedIn pages added by your team.

5. Select Add to add LinkedIn as a new data source.

NOTE: To delete a data source, click on the Ellipses button and select Delete.

6. Select Owned LinkedIn Page and click on the Next button.

To add LinkedIn Pages, you must first authenticate the owned LinkedIn business account that they are linked to.

If the LinkedIn account has not yet been authenticated:

7. Click on the Connect with LinkedIn button. 

8. Sign in to the LinkedIn account for the organisation you wish to track.
9. Click on the Allow button.
After authentication is complete, select one or more Page(s) that are linked to that account to collect the following:
  • Owned posts and comments 
  • Anonymised audience comments

10. Type in a profile name or URL of the page you would like to track, then click on the Next button.

11. Confirm the organisation, page name and Select a Team within Cision Social Listening to assign the LinkedIn page to, then click on the Confirm and Start Tracking button.

NOTE: You are auto-assigned a team when you receive access to CSL, so you will most likely only have one team to select from during this step. Teams are also automatically associated with your saved searches.
After added, you will note that the LinkedIn page will be saved in the Targeted Data Sources tab.

To start tracking LinkedIn data, you must add the LinkedIn pages to your Saved Searches.

Add Owned LinkedIn Pages You're Monitoring to Saved Searches:

To load LinkedIn data, after selecting which LinkedIn pages to monitor, you need to add those pages to your Saved Searches in Cision Social Listening.

NOTE: You are able to track LinkedIn data for your Saved Searches, but cannot add them to Quick Searches.

1. In the Saved Searches tab, select the Saved Search you would like to add LinkedIn data to.
2. Click on the LinkedIn icon to add the owned LinkedIn pages you would like to monitor in that Saved Search.

3. Check the box(es) for the LinkedIn pages you would like to add to the Saved Search, then click on the Save button.

Note: You will only see the pages that you previously added as targeted data sources.

To add or remove LinkedIn pages from a Saved Search:

1. Click on the Pencil Icon in the Saved Search to edit your search.

2. Check the box(es) for the LinkedIn page(s) you would like to add or Un-check the box(es) for the page(s) you would like to remove.
3. Click on the Save button.
4. If you would like to save the changes you've made to your original saved search, click on the Save button.
5. If you would like to keep the original search and save your changes as a new saved search, click on the Save as New Search button.

3. View the LinkedIn Data in Your Dashboard:

Once LinkedIn pages have been added, they will be included as an additional search within the widgets on your dashboard, similar to the results of a multi-search.

Widgets will show LinkedIn data as an aggregate of the dataset for that saved search, except for the "Mention Volume Over Time" widget, which will show LinkedIn data as a separate search source.

LinkedIn mentions will appear in your Saved Search results and you can filter for LinkedIn mentions, just as you can for other social media platforms.

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