Data Sources Included in Cision Social Listening

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LinkedIn: LinkedIn data can be collected for Owned business pages.   

The following data can be collected from LinkedIn for Saved Searches: 

Owned Business Pages:

  • Owner posts of the account being tracked 

  • Audience posts/comments on the owner's page

  • Anonymised audience comments

NOTE: Owned data is sourced from a public business page you have managing access. 

You must first authenticate your business LinkedIn account to gain access to LinkedIn data, then add the related LinkedIn pages as targeted data sources. You can do so by clicking on the app's gear icon in the top right-hand corner.  Click here to learn how to authenticate owned business LinkedIn pages and add them as targeted data sources.

Once you have authenticated and included your LinkedIn pages as Targeted Data Sources, you can include the LinkedIn pages in Saved Searches. To load LinkedIn data, you will need to first go to an existing saved search, then add the LinkedIn pages(s) separately to the search. 

Clicking on the LinkedIn Logo will create a menu allowing you to select the LinkedIn pages you want to add. NOTE: You will only see the pages you previously added as Targeted Data Sources.

After adding LinkedIn pages, they will appear as separate saved searches within the dashboard widgets.

Viewing LinkedIn Data in Dashboards: 

  • LinkedIn data will be a separate source in the "Mention Volume Over Time" widget.
  • LinkedIn data will appear as an aggregate of the dataset in all other widgets.
  • Only owned business pages can be added at this time. Therefore, you will only receive data from your owned LinkedIn pages. 
  • Data starts collecting the day you add the LinkedIn page.


Cision Social Listening Powered by Brandwatch is a “Twitter Official Partner,” providing access to the entire Twitter firehose of over 350 million daily tweets. Thus, Cision Social Listening has access to public tweets, retweets, replies, and promoted tweets. 

Tweets are retrieved in near real-time via Twitter’s GNIP service. Tweets are collected based on the keyword terms used in the search query. 

The following Twitter metadata is available: 

  • Posts: Retweets, Replies, Geolocation (when turned on by user), Timestamp 

  • Authors: Name, Handle, Tweets, Following, Followers, Verified, Location 

NOTE: When searching for words containing accents, you need to include the term both with and without the accented character to avoid potentially missing relevant tweets (i.e., if the search is on “açaí” the keyword terms should be: açaí OR acai). 


Some Facebook data can be collected using Facebook channels via the Facebook Graph API.  

The following data can be collected from Facebook: 

Owned Channels

  • Owner posts of the account being tracked 

  • Audience posts on the owner's wall 

  • Coverage of Facebook Dark Posts 

Non-Owned Channels

  • Coverage of non-owned public Facebook page posts (i.e., a competitor's business page)
  • Audience comments on tracked pages

NOTE: Owned data is sourced from a public business account or page you have managing access. Non-Owned data refers to a public account or page you do not manage.

You must first authenticate your Facebook account to gain access to Facebook data. You can do so by clicking on the app's gear icon in the top right-hand corner.  Click here to learn how to set up authentication tokens for Facebook and Instagram.

The more authenticated accounts set up under your organisation's Cision Social Listening account, the more data you can access. If a Facebook page admin can authenticate their account, there will be significantly better data coverage for that particular channel. 

Once you have authenticated and included your pages, you can include the Facebook page ID in your search to surface/search Facebook posts. Unlike other channel data, you cannot use the filter feature to display Facebook ONLY mentions. Facebook mentions will still show up in the overall results.  

Example: If you want to search for “apple juice” mentions in the Facebook pages you have added, you will want to use the following Boolean search string: (“apple juice” AND 

Owned channels: 

  • Data coverage is optimized when you authenticate with a page admin account. 
  • Only owned channels will have access to dark posts. 
  • Data starts collecting the day you add the Facebook page.

Non-owned channels: 

  • Data coverage is optimized when multiple users authenticate their accounts. We recommend 1 token for every 100 channels added. 
    • For each channel/page added beyond that, data collection will slow down without more authentication tokens, and fewer posts/comments will be collected.  
  • User authorization for non-owned content expires after 60 days, so you must re-authenticate to prevent the channel from being de-authorised. Additionally, if a user changes their password, this revokes all of their provided authentications, and the account must then be re-authorized. 
  • Data starts collecting the day you add the Facebook page. 

NOTE: Sometimes, audience posts may be missing from the Facebook page that is being tracked despite the channel being authenticated. The reason is due to the user's privacy settings, which means this data cannot be downloaded via the API. 


Instagram mentions within owned Instagram channels can be collected via the Facebook Graph API. 

The following Instagram data can be tracked: 

Owned Channels

  • Posts, comments, tags, and mentions of owned accounts. 

  • Reels and their comments

Non-Owned Channels

  • Public Instagram posts and reels via hashtag tracking 

NOTE: This data requires authentication as a Facebook user with an admin role on a Facebook page linked to an Instagram Business Account. Any data collected will automatically be pulled into any matching queries. Click here to learn how to set up authentication tokens for Facebook and Instagram.

Owned data is sourced from a public business account or page you have managing access to. Non-Owned data refers to a public account or page you do not manage. Owned channels are only available for "non-personal" accounts. You must convert the owned accounts you wish to monitor to "Creator" or "Business" accounts. 

  • You are allowed 30 tracked hashtags per authenticated Facebook page. 
  • Data starts collecting the day you add the hashtag or Instagram account. 
  • User tokens will expire after 60 days, so you must re-authenticate to ensure data continues to be pulled in.
  • All Instagram Reels and their comments will be collected for owned Instagram Business accounts and hashtag tracking if the tracked owned account was tagged or @-mentioned.
    • To find Reels data, use the URL: operator -> URL:"/reel/"
    • For historic data, delete and re-add the Instagram Business Account (you will not lose any data by doing this).
    • NOTE: Reels are not currently embedded into the single-mention view, and the URL must be clicked to see the video.


All Tumblr posts are collected via the Tumblr firehose.

You have access to 100% coverage in near-real-time, including:

  • Text, photo, and video mentions. 
  • Timestamps, author handle, and full-text metadata 


Cision Social Listening crawls thousands of forums, including Yahoo Answers, Mumsnet, MyFitnessPal, Psychology Today, AVforums, Stack Overflow, Goodreads, InvestopediaGameSpotFlyerTalkTianyaNaver, MacRumorsMoneySaving Expert, Market Watch, GlassDoor, The Student Room, Steam Community and more.  

Data from Vertical Scope, which covers many automotive forums, is also included.


Cision Social Listening has access to the full Reddit firehose and provides access to full Reddit data for all active sub-Reddits. This ongoing data is retrieved in near real-time. 



Cision Social Listening collects YouTube videos and comments via third-party data providers. 

Mentions collected using this method include: 

  • Video title

  • Comments text beneath YouTube videos 


Cision Social Listening collects millions of reviews per month from various sites, including Google Reviews, Review Centre,, eBay, CNET, Amazon, TrustPilot and more, using third-party data providers.  

The reviews that match user search queries will appear in the results automatically and include the following: 

  • Review pages on customer forums and review sites 
  • Metadata 

  • Star ratings (for applicable sites) 

  • Review title 

  • Author name 

  • Link to review (with deep links where available) 


QQ: is China’s leading online portal. The website provides a rich online life to hundreds of millions of Internet users through its broad news coverage and a full range of innovative information services. 

The Cision Social Listening library is populated by the news articles that attracted the largest volume of conversation, i.e., only the articles with comments. 

QQ posts are categorized into: Articles, Comments, and Replies. 

Comments Data:

Cision Social Listening Powered by Brandwatch has full data coverage from site comment sections powered by Disqus.

Disqus is a public comment-sharing platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites, including:

  • News sites such as Bloomberg, Mercury News, and the Boston Herald

  • Forums, blogs, and review sites such as Den of Geek, Rotten Tomatoes, PC Gamer, Bleacher Nation

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