Integrating Your Email in the Platform

Modified on: Wed, 16 Nov, 2022 at 8:17 PM

Integrating Your Email into the Platform:

When you connect your professional email account, we scan your account for email communications with influencers in our media database. So, any emails that include a recipient’s email address matching that of an influencer in our database (TO/FROM/CC/BCC) are pulled into the platform. We will continue to pull in email data for as long as you have your account connected to the platform.

Email history is shared account-wide for contextual purposes. This means you and your colleagues can view your entire team's email communications to the media to ensure you're not duplicating efforts or missing out on opportunities!

***NOTE: In order to use Personalised Pitching, you must integrate an email account. BEFORE INTEGRATING AN EMAIL ACCOUNT, SET UP AN EMAIL INTEGRATION BLOCKLIST.

To Integrate your Email Account:

Have you set up an email integration blocklist yet? This should be set up before you integrate an email account. Click here to learn how!

1. Start by navigating to your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click the downward arrow.

2. Select Settings from the dropdown

3. Once there, select the Email tab.

4. Click on Connect Now or Add Account (if someone has already connected an account).

5. Read through Cision's Email Integration agreement and click Accept.

6. Next, you'll enter your email address and click Sign-in. You’ll either be brought to your organisation’s email sign-in page or you’ll be able to use ours.

NOTE: The URL on the initial sign-in page will include Nylas is a service that we use to ensure compatibility with a wide range of email services. More details about Nylas can be found here:

7. Once integrated, you’ll be brought back to the email settings page. You should see your email address listed in the Email Accounts section. At this point, you’ll be able to send emails from the app and view communication history with journalists/influencers in our media contacts database.

8. To set the default email, click on the dropdown arrow next to Actions and select Make Default.

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