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The Key Messages widget is a powerful tool that will enable you to see more details about how our brand is mentioned in the news.  If you want to track when products, spokespeople, locations, or campaigns are mentioned from within your brand coverage, you will want to consider adding Key Message charts. Key Message charts essentially show search results from within a monitoring search, much like automatic tagging.

To add a Key Messages Widget:

  1. Click the +Add Widget button.

2. Select the Key Messages widget from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the search you would like to use for this widget.

4. Enter a name for the widget and click on the blue checkmark button.

5. Click on the Add Key Messages button.

There are two options for adding Key Messages to your widget:

Add individual words and/or phrases (recommended if you seek the total number of mentions for a specific product, location, spokesperson, industry term, etc.).


Add search terms with Boolean syntax (recommended if you look for multiple data layers, such as including the total number of positive mentions of tea in your coverage).

Editing a Key Messages Chart:

1. Click on the Ellipses button.

2. Select Edit Key Messages.
3. If the key messages were previously added without boolean syntax:
  • Click on the X to remove a term or type in an additional term you would like added.
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Click Save.
4. If the key messages were previously added with the boolean syntax:
  • Click on the Ellipses button for the key message you would like to edit.
  • Select Edit Boolean to make updates or select Remove Key Message to delete a key message.
  • Click on <> Add with boolean to include additional key messages.
  • Once updates are made, click on the Save button.

Common Boolean Syntax for Key Messages









Feature Mentions:

(frequent_terms:"Company" OR title:("Company" OR "Company’s" OR "Company’s"))

Top Tier Readership Mentions:

(tk_filter:"Top Tier Readership")

Headline Mentions:

title:("Company" OR "Company’s" OR "Company’s")

Passing Mentions:
NOT (frequent_terms:"Company" OR title:("Company" OR "Company’s" OR "Company’s"))

High-Performing Articles:
(impact:high OR (impact:medium AND seo:excellent AND tk_filter:"Top Tier Readership"))
Organic Media:

NOT (tk_filter:"Press Release")
Paid Media:

(tk_filter:"Press Release")

Note: This is only applicable for certain users

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