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The Next Generation Cision Communications can collect relevant print mentions for your monitoring searches through our partner LexisNexis for United States and CEDROM for Canada. In order to see print mentions come in your Cision platform, you will need to have print monitoring included in your Cision contract. If you are not sure if your contract includes print, reach out to your Cision Account Executive.  

It is important to note that when print mentions enter the system, the entire article contents will be available for the first 90 dates following the publication of the article. After that time period, the full article text will be replaced with a snippet of the article. This is in compliance with copyright laws. You will always have access to data associated with the print mentions such as Headline, Outlet, Sentiment, Readership, and more.

You will find more about how to find and view print content related to your monitoring searches in the sections below.

Finding Print Content

To find print mentions coming in through your monitoring searches,

  1. Click the Analytics tab on the toolbar.
  2. Select the My Dashboards option.
  3. Find the Total Mentions chart.
  4.  If you have multiple Analytics Dashboards or Total Mentions Charts, you will want to verify that the monitoring search being used to create that chart is the one for which you want to see print mentions.
  5. Notice that the Total Mentions chart is set for a particular date range. You will want to be sure this date range reflects the period of time during which your print mention occurred.
  6. If your Total Mentions chart indicates a different period of time, click the Actions button and select the Edit Date range option underneath to select the appropriate date range.
  7. Click on the Total Mentions line. This will show you a list of news articles and mentions that have come in during that period of time.

  • When the Total Mentions appear, you will see a trend of the mentions at the top of the page and the list of all articles and mentions for the time frame specified at the bottom. Scroll to bring the list of articles and mentions in view.  You will want to use the Search (NOT the Filter By option)  to specify the types of print you want to see. NOTE: When looking for print coverage, the Filter By will only return results if you have a Burelle's feed attached to your system. The Filter By option will NOT return print coverage from LexisNexis.

To effectively filter for Print mentions,

  1. Locate the Search box.
  2. Type in one of the following options to specify the type of Print coverage you want to see. The bolded option will return all LexisNexis licensed Print types. Only type in the portion of the string after the dash.
    • For LexisNexis News- mediatype:"NewsLicensed"  
    • For LexisNexis Blogs- mediatype:"BlogLicensed"  
    • For LexisNexis Print- mediatype:"PrintLicensed"
    • For All LexisNexis licensed content: mediatype:("NewsLicensed" or "BlogLicensed" or "PrintLicensed")
  3. The resulting list of coverage will show only Lexis Nexis licensed mentions. NOTE: The red ball is the logo for LexisNexis, Cision's partner for providing print content.
  • Find the Print  mention for which you want to see content, click on the Outlet Name. This action will open the mention profile card with the related Print article content. Remember that the article card will show the entire contents of the article for the first 90 days following publication. After that time, the article card will show a snippet of the article content along with metrics and data associated with it.

Using the Earned Media Coverage Option

You can also use the Earned Media Coverage option to find online mentions. To use this option:

  1. Click Coverage tab on the main toolbar.
  2. Select the Earned Media option.

Once the Earned Media Top Content overview page appears,

  1. Select the Search for which you want to see Print coverage.
  2. Select the All Mentions tab located in the middle of the screen.
  3. A list of all of the coverage coming in from the search will show in the lower portion of the page. 
  4. Filter the list for Print/LexisNexis licensed mentions using the filter options covered in the previous section of this document.
  5. Find the specific mention you want to open. Click on the headline containing the print mention to open its profile card which will contain the article contents.


Note:This is only applicable for certain users

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