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What is ESEF?

European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is a regulation specified by ESMA, mandating that all issuers on regulated markets within EU use a single electronic reporting data format in preparing their annual financial reports. To find more in-depth information about the ESEF format, please see the ESMA Reporting Manual.

How do I use Cision to send my ESEF file?

You simply choose Annual report as Information type to access the ESEF-specific file upload in the content step.



If you want to upload more than one ESEF specific file (other than the ZIP file), choose UPLOAD FILES and upload the other file(s) to the Mediabank.

IMORTANT NOTE: The Swedish FSA and Euronext Oslo will only receive the ESEF file uploaded with SELECT ESEF FILE and not ESEF files uploaded into the Mediabank.


To which recipients should I send the ESEF file?

Through CisionPoint, you use the same channels as you do for all regulatory releases.

How big ESEF files does Cision support?

We support up to 100 megabytes (MB) per file.

My ESEF file is bigger than 100 MB, what do I do?

One reason why ESEF files might get big in size is that they contain a lot of high-resolution images. An easy way to get the file size down is often to shrink the images down to a more reasonable size. This is something that has been done throughout the years for the PDF versions of the Annual Reports (you often create one “web version” with lower resolution images and one with high resolution images for print), but since ESEF is a new format these kind of routines might not always be in place yet.

I have automatic publishing to my website. Will I be able to show the ESEF files there?

Yes, the files will show up in the website feeds as all other files. The file uploaded with SELECT ESEF FILE will even have a specific type in the feed, if you want to extract it to show at a specific page or similar. You can read more about how it will show up in the feed and the complete white papers of the feed here; See the updates we have done in the web feed here and here; Find the White Papers for web feed version 2.4 here.

Note: You need to use the latest version of the feed (2.4) to be able to extract the ESEF file separately from the feed (with a separate file type), but it will be included in the feed regardless of which version you use.

Will the file name of the ZIP file stay intact?

Yes, the name will be the same as the file you uploaded when it is published on sites like the OAM (FSA) and the Stock Exchange. This is extra important if you are sending to the Finnish FSA or other recipients that have specific guidelines of how the ESEF file must be named.

What should the ZIP file contain?

The file types accepted within ESEF are the following: html, xhtml, xml, jpg, jpeg, svg, svgt, gif, png, xsd and xblr. If you add other file types to the ZIP file, it might not be accepted by all recipients.


General note: Please be advised that Cision can only help with questions in regard to the distribution of the ESEF file(s) through CisionPoint. If you have more detailed questions about the content of the files, legal questions or similar – please turn to your respective vendor / advisor for help.


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