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Modified on: Wed, 19 Oct, 2022 at 2:28 PM

Rules and guidelines for content on Cision News ( Newsroom )

Generally, all information published through Cision tools at Cision News, in external systems, and which is distributed to contacts in the Cision database shall be considered to have news value and/or be classified as notifiable information.

Cision retains the right to prevent publication of and to remove information that may be considered pure advertising or spam.

The customer is responsible to ensure they hold all requisite rights to the material they publish, regardless of format. Furthermore, the customer is liable to ensure that under no circumstances does the information contain:

  • Information that may be classified as discriminatory, as in terms of appearance, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or illness.
  • Information that may be classified as defamatory, offensive, harassment, or threatening.
  • Language or information that may be perceived as racist, pornographic, sexist or otherwise offensive.
  • Information that promotes, encourages, or contributes to criminal activities.
  • Information that the customer does not have the right to publish, such as due to a duty of confidentiality, insider position, or copyright.
  • Information that encourages usage of alcohol or tobacco.
  • Information that promotes gambling or crypto currency trade.

Furthermore, the published news shall:

  • Be written using correct language in an objective tone.
  • Contain clear heading that present the primary content. Headings should not be written in all caps.
  • Contain correct contact data for the spokesperson of the news.
  • Not be primarily designed for search engine optimization through:
    - Excessive numbers of external links
    - Consist of republication of previously published news, known as duplicate content.


NOTE: Cision retains the right to remove information that contravenes the above, and in case of abuse, to close any account used to repeatedly publish information that violates the above.

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